Thursday, 10 December 2015

Woooow! Oprah Winfrey Pays Off A Single Mum’s $78,000 Debt And Gives Her One Year Salary

Popular TV talk show host, Oprah Winfrey just paid off a single mom’s debt of $78,000 and it didn't just end there! She also went ahead and gave the woman one year salary. How nice of her!

It was gathered that the woman, identified as Denni Foster, would do practically anything for her three children and she has proven that to them on numerous occasions throughout their lives. Her husband left her when her youngest child was 3 years old, leaving her with nothing. Her house went into foreclosure and the family would fluctuate from homelessness, often living in their car for long periods of time.

Denni is said to have worked nothing less than three jobs at any given time to support her family. The wonderful thing about the hardship that hit Denni and her family rather than tear them apart, united them more than ever. This helped their mother put her three children namely Melissa, Kristina and Jonathan through college.

However, $78,000 in loans was still on Denni’s head which she would have been only able to complete paying at nothing less than 93 years. Oprah is said to have heard of the hardworking mother and brought her and her children onto the show. Trust Oprah to be used by God to do beautiful things and this marked the beginning of life-changing surprises for Denni and her family. 

Firstly, Oprah treated them to an all-expense paid trip to Italy. She then paid off Denni’s $78,000 debt in its entirety and paid her an entire year’s salary so that she can have an entire year to rest. Aww...Bless Oprah!
Denni and her family with Oprah. They got the surprise and treat of their lives
Denni and her children stood in stunned silence as Oprah revealed their ultimate gift - A luxury dream vacation to Italy! With gaping mouths and tears in their eyes, the Foster family expressed their gratitude - but Oprah wasn't done yet. 

“We know that you also personally have $78,000 worth of loans,” she said to Denni. “How many years do you think it would take you to pay that all?” “I will be a young 93,” Denni laughed. “Well, it will not take you that long because we’re going to pay off those loans,” Oprah told her. 

The Fosters began crying and embracing. And still, Oprah wasn’t done. She turned her full attention to Denni. “I wanted to do something that’s just for you. I do this for you on behalf of every mother out there who has sacrificed for her kids,” Oprah said, her voice breaking. “I’m going to give you a year off. I’m going to pay for you to have a year’s salary.”

This proves that truly, hard work pays. God can remember you when you least expect.


  1. Splendid, that's the kind of good news we want to be hearing.

  2. This is what celebrities should be doing not to be wasting money on drinks, clubs, cars, latest fashion.... If tomorrow she goes broke, gestures like this would make people rally round to help her..

  3. So thoughtful of her, may God bless her more

  4. Alright...its a big money. Wishes other rich people can emulate her good gesture.

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