Thursday, 24 March 2016

How Is This Possible! 17-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth While Urinating Without Knowing She Was Pregnant For Nine Months

There are many questions that needs to be answered here. How does a girl get pregnant and stay pregnant for nine months without knowing? What happened to the common signs that every pregnant woman bigger breasts, no period, swollen feet, back ache, etc Didn't she notice any of these things? Or is pregnancy for teenagers different from that of adults women?

Well, an American teenager has revealed that she had no idea she was pregnant for nine months before she gave birth to a boy "suddenly" and tried to pass the newborn off as an abandoned baby. 17-year-old Braeley Pettigrew, gave birth to the baby boy while she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night after feeling sick.

The high school student thought she was having a bowel movement and needed to poop - but to her surprise - she looked down in the toilet and discovered a newborn instead. In a state of panic, she took the baby out, cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the boy in a blanket. “It was just me acting on an instinct, it was to grab him out of the toilet and wrap him up and keep him warm,” the teen said.
But she wasn’t ready to admit to her mom that she had suddenly become a teen mom, and told her instead that someone had left the newborn on their front porch. Her mother noticed blood on the baby and on Braeley’s clothes, and called the cops who took the teen and the newborn to the hospital. After finally admitting that the baby came out of her - the high school basketball player decided to keep the "surprise" baby and named him, Kayden. “I feel shocked, like I never thought I would be a mother at 17,” she said.

Braeley Pettigrew, who excels in school work says she still plans to go to college.

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