Monday, 21 March 2016

Meet The Largest Man In Colombia Who Just Began Radical Treatment To Lose Weight

This enormous man who weighs 62-STONE has begun radical treatment to save his life. Oscar Vásquez Morales hopes to lose 300 of his 400 KILOS in the next four years. After suffering from depression and morbid obesity, he has now agreed to undergo an intensive weight-loss programme. According to Oscar, 44, he has been chubby since childhood. Although he weighed 120 kilos aged 17, the South American said "he could still play football".
He lost his mum who died from heart attack. "I was with her in a gallery market and watched her die," said Oscar. "I felt so helpless." He fell into a deep depression that led him to become a compulsive eater of fast foods. Now, Oscar reveals that he often "stays alone because he can't move" and needs specially fitted clothes. "Now, I have to get out of bed with the help of my family," he added.

With the risk of Oscar dying, the creator of the Antiochian Gorditos Heart Foundation, Salvador Palacio, stepped in to help. Oscar will now begin treatment with nutritionists, psychologists and physicians to enable him to reduce weight. It has been claimed that Oscar is the largest man in Colombia.
Palacio said: "Oscar needs to be rescued and that rescue began a month ago when he was taken with the help of firefighters." 
Around 20 fire crew were involved along with a fire truck and an ambulance when Oscar was lifted from his home. They used an improvised stretcher with a tent and used a whisk to carry him to the ambulance and take him to the hospital .


  1. He should have started doing something before now.

  2. Maybe he eats a lot as we all can see.


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