Saturday, 12 March 2016

Meet The Man With A Very Big Penis Weighing 10lb

Micha Stuntz, the man who lives with a 10lb penis has shared all about living with an enormous member - and he says "it's great". According to Mirror Online, Stuntz lives in Berlin, where he says his big package has helped him free himself from established roles and ideas about sex - and left him "ready to play". The 45-year-old has revealed that his penis is 9in long and 5.5in wide. Thanks to silicone injections, it weighs roughly 9.5lb, or the weight of an average-sized cat.

Although he says being big in the underwear department can stop you doing some things in the bedroom , it does make you "more creative" about what you can do. His interest in enlargement started 20 years ago when he was given a penis pump. "I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself," he said "And I found that when I went out pumped up, it felt great. I had the feeling that I wasn't trapped in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to shape it myself."

Having had four procedures so far, he says that day-to-day life is as normal as it is for anyone else, except perhaps when it comes to buying trousers and underwear. "I'm actually a pretty shy person," he added at the Folsom Street Fair in Berlin, a gay fetish event where he wore black PVC garb. "You can offer up who you are and show yourself the way you want without having to think about what other people will think of you."

He's compared his additional bulk to a breast enlargement for women, which he says no one bats an eyelid at. "I hope that changes soon because the difference really isn't that big."


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