Thursday, 10 March 2016

Meet The Miracle Baby That Beat Doctors' Imagination And Survived His Mum's Desperate Attempt To Abort Him

This is the unbelievable story of a baby who survived a suction abortion which involves using a medical vacuum to suck out the fetus from the bomb. When Vicky Harper cradles her four week-old son Jack, she knows this is a baby she tried to destroy. At 24, Vicky discovered she was pregnant with her third child, and made the agonising decision to abort the baby. But when he miraculously survived the procedure, her world changed forever. 

Vicky, a full-time mother to Ross, two, and Leyla, five, accidentally conceived last June when she forgot to take her pill. Already struggling to make ends meet, Vicky knew she'd never cope with three children under five. "It wasn't an easy decision. I love my kids more than anything in the world, but I just didn't have the strength for another," says Vicky, from Caithness, Scottish Highlands.

Although her partner, Keenan McIvor, 19, a joiner, promised to support whatever she decided, her mind was made up: she told her doctor she wanted an abortion. Vicky opted for a surgical termination, which involves the baby being removed via a vacuum, over a medical termination, which involves taking a series of tablets.

Leaving the hospital later that day, Vicky soon realised something was amiss. Vicky says: "I was tired and dizzy all of the time. "I was off my food. "As I already had two children, I knew what pregnancy felt like." When a home test came back positive, she immediately phoned her doctor. "He reassured me there was probably just some pregnancy hormones left in my body," she says.

But after 15 home tests showed up positive, Vicky begged the surgery to scan her again. They told her she was just being paranoid. "When I hadn't had a period for two months, I knew the baby was still there",Vicky says. Nine weeks after her termination, a midwife finally agreed to give her a scan, which revealed she was still pregnant. 

Research has indicated that a small number of babies who survived a failed first attempt at a surgical abortion have been born with health problems or deformities. Vicky says: Although I'd been told there didn’t seem to be any problems with the baby, I was terrified the first abortion could have affected him.”

But earlier this month, Jack was born at 6lb 15oz, healthy and beautiful. The moment Vicky saw him, she didn't regret her decision for a moment, reports.  


  1. That young fella is stubborn

  2. awwww! we thank God for his survival.


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