Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Perverts Everywhere! Man Shocks Crowd By Masturbating And Ejaculating On A Woman's Back In Public

A man has been dragged to court for the second time in three years for the same offence after he masturbated and ejaculated on a woman's back while on queue. It was gathered that Meluleki Moyo, in 2013, was arrested after ejaculating on the back of a woman while they were in a queue waiting to buy food at a local supermarket. For the offence, he was found guilty of indecent assault by a Bulawayo magistrate, Marylene Mutshina who fined him $300. Moyo, the unrepentant pervert was allegedly busted in action on 17th March at around 5pm at a shop situated at corner Lobengula Street in Zimbabwe and 6th Avenue for the same offence.

According to B Metro News, on the day of the incident, a woman whose name is being withheld for legal reasons was doing shopping with her sister when Moyo stood behind them. It is alleged that while standing behind them, he unzipped his pair of trousers and pulled out his erect manhood and repeatedly rubbed it on the complainant’s buttocks.

In the process, he made movements and expressions synonymous with those of someone having sex and ejaculated. It is further reported that the complainant felt something being pressed into her buttocks and at the same time, she was alerted by another woman that it was Moyo who was allegedly rubbing his organ on her buttocks. When she looked behind, she found Moyo vainly trying to close the zip but his supercharged sexual organ betrayed him when it “refused” to go back into his pair of trousers. 

Moyo was, however, saved from the wrath of other shoppers by security details from the shop who quickly apprehended and handed him over to police at Bulawayo Central Police Station where charges of indecent assault were fired against him.

For the offence, he has since appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa. Moyo, who is denying charges,was remanded till 29 March for trial with an option of paying bail of $100.


  1. Tell how this type will not rape a minor? Imagine on a queue oo.

  2. That man is in trouble of his life, as he can never stop.

  3. Some people are sick in the brain


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