Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sheer Wickedness! One-Legged Man Rapes Two Women In Front Of 2-Year-Old Children

Paul Eames, the one-legged thug shocked people when he was found out to have raped a woman in front of a group of two-year-old children and has been locked up for life. Sentencing Eames, the judge said that in his 30-year career, he had rarely been so shocked by the "depths of depravity and sheer wickedness" involved in the attacks. According to Mirror Online, Eames approached the victim and another woman - then aged 20 and 23 - in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, as they were taking two girls and three boys - some in pushchairs - to a pet shop to buy fish food.

Gordon Stables, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court: "On a footpath ... they were confronted by the defendant who threatened to kill the children if the women did not go with him further into the woods to an isolated area. "Once there, the victims were subjected to a series of rapes and sexual assaults which took place in front of the children."

Mr Stables said: "During the course of the incident, the defendant took the complainants' mobile phones, and told them that if they told anyone what he had done, he knew where they lived and would do it again." The prosecutor said one of the women told Eames: "We've got kids." He said the defendant replied: "Just go or I'll kill your kids. Hurry up or I'll kill your kids. I'll kill your kids. I'll stab your kids."

The attack took place on Eames's 40th birthday - in September last year - on the Trans Pennine Trail, in north Doncaster. Eames was arrested on the same day of the attack. The women were looking after the five children at the time. 

The Judge added: “What intensifies the abhorrent nature of this attack even further is the fact that Eames carried out his assault in the presence of the children. "The victims were given a horrendous choice on that day to either run and look after themselves or stay with the children in their care and ensure their wellbeing. "They chose the second option and in doing so, endured a despicable attack. The option they took should never be underestimated or forgotten. What they experienced that day is the thing of nightmares and something that no-one should ever endure.

"Thankfully, the children are of an age where they will gradually forget the incident as they grow up. "I hope in time and with help from friends, family and trained professionals, the two women will be able to at least try and move forward with their lives, and that today they feel some sense of justice has been served knowing Eames is in prison where he belongs."

Eames was also added to the sex offenders’ register for life.


  1. Good for him, cause he's too dangerous to be out there.

  2. how will the two women allow a one legged man empowe rthem


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