Sunday, 13 March 2016

Shocking Video: Cheating Girlfriend Horrified As Boyfriend Catches Her In Bed With Another Man

(Photo + Video) Cheating Girlfriend Left Stunned As Boyfriend Catches Her In Bed With Another Man, He Films Them And Threatens To Ruin Her Life
A boyfriend who got a tip off by his girlfriend’s roommate who informed him that she “had another guy over” has surprised her as he got prepared to catch his girlfriend in the act. Not only did he catch his girlfriend in bed with another man, the angry boyfriend also videotaped the whole incident. The footage is online now and it shows the guy walking into his girlfriend’s apartment. Even as he walks up her stairs, he says to the camera: “I’m walking up to my girlfriend’s apartment right now. “Her roommate called and said that she had a guy over last night and they’re sleeping in her bed together.”

The furious loverboy also adds that he hopes to “ruin her life” because he is “videotaping it”.  As he gets into his girlfriend’s room, she is seen in bed with another man who had his arms wrapped round her.

“Oh look another guy sleeping in my girlfriend’s bed,” says the videotaping man. “How does that f***ing feel? I work my a*** off day in, day out, and I do nothing but be faithful to you.” “You are a f***ing piece of s*** I hope you know that. I loved you. You know. I did.”

The woman can be seen covering her face but she still remained firmly in bed. The guy in bed with the woman was even asked if he knew she had a guy but the shocked guy responds: “Not until now.”

So we have a lady smashing the heads of two guys against the other - playing them for suckers. hnmmm....girls are truly not smiling oooo! Watch the shocking video below and see things for yourself.


  1. Lolz...see catching ...

  2. Lolz... The girl should be ashamed of herself


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