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This Is Serious! Donald Trump Receives Open Letter From A Biafran (MUST READ)

One of the Indigenous People of Biafra has written an Open letter to the Republican presidential candidate in the United States of America, Sir Donald John Trump. The letter contains confidence and optimism in the emergence of Trump as the president of the United States whom he also believes in his mantra of making ‘America Great Again’. The writer also stated the importance and benefits of Trump if elected President of the US and his perceived good role to the restoration of a sovereign nation of Biafra. Read below:


Dear Sir,

Is my pleasure writing to you this afternoon from Biafra, A home of great leaders like Chukwemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu and Prince Nnamdi Kanu,A prisoner of conscience who’s currently detained by a jahidist “Mohammadu Buhari” without any justifiable crime been committed. Sir,I loved it when I read that a man like you with all intents of goodwill and God fearing is to be the next American president if elected. I have no doubt in me that the American Presidential race will be in your favor and in turn, in the fovor of Biafrans as you represent what majority of our people believed in (FREEDOM,JUSTICE AND PEACE). 

Sir,you may wonder why i am writing to you in this manner,the simple reason is this,According to “THE COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE”at Proverbs 29vs2 and it reads,When the righteous flourish, the people rejoice; but when the wicked are in power, the people groan. Now you can understand why I want you to win as the new US President. The people of Biafra had long been subjugated into all kinds of man inhumanities to man ranging from slavery, human right abuse, torture,kidnapping, mistreatment, massacre, forceful conversion from their choice religion to Islam,insecurity of our lives and properties, deprivation of equal opportunity, imposed policies to frustrate our businesses,burning down our places of worship, raping of our women, Islamic military brutality on us, negligent of federal presents, No infrastructures, poor learning institutions, destruction of our history, deprivation of right of belonging and worst still, the currently military decimation of Biafran youths, fathers and mothers including young school children.

It’s obvious that President Barack Obama had shown less or no concern about what’s happening in the contraption called Nigeria. The continuous killing of unarmed peaceful Biafra protesters whose crime was to agitate for the freedom of Biafra from the oppressive Nigerian government. Sir,if you could remember vividly that this same oppression from the Nigerian government in 1967-1970,under a military head of state “General Yakubu Gowon Rtd” was what triggered the civil war in Nigeria that saw the death of over 3.5milion Biafrans, this time our people have vowed to restore Biafra but have resolved doing it through peaceful means and diplomacy.

Sir, if you look all round the globe,you’ll see both men,women and children of Biafra origin crying and demonstrating in one way or the other just for the good people of the world to hear us, what we’re asking for is only the help of America, Israel, Germany, France, Russia, China,Australia, India and many other world powers to come and assist us to restore our country home Biafra, the powers of darkness from the Arab world are now using BUHARI to quench the light that will emanate from Biafra.

I see danger ahead if USA and other world powers ignore the call for Biafra Restoration. Sir,I guess the time is now cause tomorrow may be too late, it’s not questionable any more on what President Mohammadu Buhari’s intention is, concerning Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari had vowed to forcefully turn Nigeria into a full blown Islamic state as he pledged to and I quote Buhari as saying… “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Buhari said, quoted in press reports.

“God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country,”
Sir, Obama had ignored this without fully knowing the implications, this man Buhari, pose a huge threat to the peaceful coexistence of mankind especially in Africa, as Biafrans will never fold their hands watching him ISLAMIZE us, Biafrans if supported by you and other world powers have everything it takes to combat Islamic terrorism in Africa and the world at large.

Buhari is one and is vital to identify him as such cause only in his reign as president that his BROTHERS Fulani now have full access to automatic rifles and are using it to penetrate people’s farmland and kill at will anybody that stops them from crops vandalization. His Brothers, Boko Haram had mentioned him as their chief negotiator, and as a sympathizer of a terror group,we found him saying and I quote “THE ATTACK ON BOKOHARAM IS AN ATTACK ON THE NORTH,” His Boko Haram boys have now applied new tactics, now in Fulani Herdsmen camouflage penetrating home and destroying lives and properties of citizens who were not lucky enough to be protected by the brutal Force of Nigeria Army that derive pleasure in the killing of unarmed Biafrans and other citizens.

Sir, since Buhari was sworn in into office as President, that marked the wake of terror in Nigeria. Many people had wondered while they elected him in the first place, the worst of it all is that, hardly you see him condemn this terror by his BROTHERS on other citizens rather he derives pleasure in travelling and visiting and condemning other countries that suffered the same terror attack alongside his country Nigeria. The level of idiocy and incompetency found in Mohammadu Buhari is too heavy to ignore and if time is not taken,it will surely lead to another civil war in Africa.

Sir, I am very much in support of you and hope that my people, the Biafrans will join suite especially in your bid to restore DEMOCRACY and bring hope where there’s none,equity where there’s none,justice where there’s none, peace where there’s none and FREEDOM to the oppressed. Your boldness to speak out against all manner of evil and wickedness is paramount to why am supporting you.

I pray that “Yahweh” the God of Israel will convince the majority of American citizens to rise up and vote in your favor for a better tomorrow. I share the same Birthday month with you(YOURS IS JUNE 12 & MINE IS JUNE 16)”I joined my faith with yours in prayers, that at the end joy,peace and happiness shall reign in the heart of those that embrace the hand work of the LORD,May your days be long, as we wait unto that day to celebrate your Victory.

Yours faithfully

Don Black D.

Credit The Oriental Times

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  1. Living in the US I fear Mr. Trump will be elected ... I seriously he cares about people of color! Hope I'm wrong ...


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