Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Two Married Nollywood Actresses Fight Dirty Over Borrowed Clothes

Seyi Ariyo (She Baby)
This is according to Encomium Magazine.

The dirty fight between two top actresses, Seyi Ariyo (She Baby) and Kemi Afolabi is yet to be resolved despite the intervention of star actor and President of The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (TMAN), Saidi Balogun, can reveal authoritatively. In a chat with She Baby on Thursday, March 24,2016,the actress cum singer expressed bitterness over the issue. She added that Afolabi is a blatant liar, urging the public to ignore her submission on the feud that ensued between herself and the latter.

Narrating her side of the story, the Oloso singer, as She Baby is also known said, ”I had a movie shoot recently,and Kemi Afolabi happened to be one of the actors I used. She ought to come 10 am, but she got to the location 5 pm. She had just three scenes with us, and I paid her fully already for her role. I was angry she already disrupted part of what we intended using her for because she didn’t come as scheduled. But was persuaded by my director to change her role which she finished around 10 pm.

“I lent her my clothes in the course of the shooting. She now held on to the clothes as a bait, insisting I must pay for her accommodation which wasn’t in our budget. If she had come earlier as agreed, she would have been released in time because it’s just three scenes. “Kemi now held on to my clothes for about two months. All efforts to get her on phone proved abortive. She wouldn’t reply all my messages neither would she pick my calls. After what seems like eternity, because we ain’t that close, I was feeling uncomfortable leaving the clothes with her. I decided to call her friend, Sikiratu Sindodo and reported Kemi to her. And Sindodo persuaded me that it will be settled.

“Until I called Kemi, and she yelled at me. And she was angry that I reported her. She now insisted she won’t give me the clothes until I pay for the said hotel room which wasn’t in our contract. All further efforts to get the clothes proved difficult, and I was angry. I later wrote on my PM about the clothes and Saidi Balogun intervened. And I pulled it down immediately. Later, Saidi went to get the clothes from her. "But the truth of the matter is that I can’t put the clothes on again. That’s all. And she went on her Instagram page, writing all sorts of things to attract public pity. Kemi Afolabi is a blatant liar”.

On alleged romance with Odunlade Adekola which was reported to be the main reason for the dirty fight, she quickly refuted,”Dating Odun?That’s rubbish. What’s my business with Odun? Everybody knows it’s Kemi who is dating Odun. So, why can we be fighting over Odunlade? I am happily married to cry it aloud”.
Kemi Afolabi also got across to Afolabi on Saturday, March 26, 2016, and she reacted,” I don’t want to make any further comment on the issue. I am too busy for that. I have a lot things I am doing now. So, I can’t be talking on any trivial issue of such. She Baby is the one looking for cheap publicity.

“She is a producer, I am an actor. I was on her location and she refused to pay for my hotel accommodation. And it’s true I had her clothes with me in my car, but I told her to pay for my hotel which she refused. Anyway, I have responded on my Instagram page. You can check details about the whole thing.”

Asked to shed light on her rumoured romance with Odunlade Adekola, which allegedly, was the cause of the rancour between herself and She Baby, she reacted, ”That’s not true. I am a married woman, how can I be fighting over a married man? Odunlade Adekola is also married. You should know it’s just a fiction. I am not dating Odunlade Adekola.”

Below is Kemi's reaction about the whole drama as shared on her Instagram page.


  1. Nawa oo, because of cloth. Some Women sef.

  2. Nawa oo, because of cloth. Some Women sef.

  3. Na woah...these women are shameless!


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