Friday, 25 March 2016

Woman Makes Shocking Confession; Says Being A Porn Star Made Her A Better Mum

Lianne Young, the British porn star who became a hit in the Hollywood blue movie industry says starring in the films has been good for her kids. Lianne, 41, has starred in hundreds of mucky flicks since moving to America - often appearing using the name Billie Britt. But despite the nature of her job she says her children have benefited from her porn career. According to Mirror Online, Lianne, from Bristol, said: "I went into it with my eyes open - with a plan to go in, make plenty of money, and then get out within a couple of years. "And I stuck to that. I'm proud of what I did, because it has made an enormous difference to my kids' lives. "They have come out as very well-rounded and successful young people, so I must have been doing something right. "I was determined to get into the industry. I don't think that would be the case now."

The former probation officer's first taste of being in the media spotlight came when she went topless on an episode of Jerry Springer. By the time she had made up her mind to go into the porn world, she was a young single mother-of-two living in a council flat. Lianne, now a TV 'sexpert', says she made the decision to do hard-core pornography to create a better life for her and her children.

She said: "I have certainly never regretted my time in the adult film industry, but it has taken a lot of work for me to be taken seriously in the mainstream media industry. "I got out when my children reached a certain age, because I thought that was important.

"Though I know women who have been doing it for more than 15 years, and who have teenage sons - which can't be a good thing given how easily accessible porn is online these days. "I'm a strong believer that all porn sites should require some sort of strong age verification before anyone gets to see anything.

"In fact, I've done a lot of sex education work over the years, because I feel strongly that young people need to know that porn is not normal life."

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