Tuesday, 5 April 2016

55-Year-Old Man Stabbed To Death By Young Man He Took Home To Have Gay Sex

Body of the 55-year-old victim being removed from his home in an Algarve village in Portugal
A man has met his brutal end after he was gruesomely killed by a  young man he took home to have gay sex. The murdered man, a 55-year-old Britol has been found stabbed to death in a popular holiday village on the Algarve coast in Portugal. A Portuguese man 'aged around 20' has been arrested, with police saying that the victim, known only by his first name, Simon, had met the young man 'for casual sex'. Police said the murder was committed using a weapon, which the self-confessed killer had told them was a spear. They said he admitted to stabbing the man after meeting him on Friday night in Faro and going back to his home.

He was being held at a national police station in Faro and is expected to be questioned by CID officers from the Policia Judiciaria, before being handed over to an investigating judge. The dead Brit was found in Pereiro near Alcoutim, a popular holiday spot on the banks of the Guadiana River, a half hour drive north from the coast on the Spanish-Portuguese border.

A spokesman for Portugal's PSP police, which arrested the alleged killer after pulling him over in a random stop in the Brit's Audi A4, said: 'The man being held in custody is suspected of killing a British man who is 55 at his home near Alcoutim. 'He was initially held in Faro because he was found to be driving without a licence. 'The car he was stopped in, an Audi A4, didn't belong to him and because we had the suspicion it might be stolen, a police patrol was sent to the owner's home address near Alcoutim but got no answer.

'A small knife was discovered on the Portuguese man when he was searched and he ended up confessing to killing the British man who owned the car although with a different weapon which he said he had thrown out of the car window. 'He said he had used a spear which is yet to be confirmed because my understanding is - it has yet to be found. 'We don't know for sure when the killing happened but we think it may have been Saturday.

'The Portuguese man says they had known each other for a while and met on Friday and went back to the Brit's house together. He says he killed him during a row after some drinks. 'Although we were the arresting police force, the case is now being handed over to the Policia Judiciaria who will no doubt interview the suspect again before he goes before a judge for further questioning. 'He is currently being held at the PSP station in Faro.'

The hill the Brit lived on, known as Monte da Vinha, is home to only six houses. 


  1. I can't say i feel sorry for him jare.

  2. Maybe the guy was compelled into doing that in the first place, that's why things ended up that way.


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