Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Drama As Husband Beats Wife To Pulp For Receiving A Phone Call From Her Lover

It was drama as a man at the Majete, Akute area of Ogun State, gave his wife the beating of her life for receiving a phone call from a supposed lover. It was gathered that the woman, identified as Mrs. Adeyemi had been talking with her lover on phone without knowing that the husband was hiding somewhere around the room eavesdropping. According to NewTelegraph, Mr. Adeyemi pounced on his wife after he eavesdropped on her phone conversation and felt she was speaking with her lover.

Mrs. Adeyemi however insisted she was only chatting with her cousin when her husband attacked her. 
She said: “I picked the call. I didn’t know my husband was somewhere in the apartment, eavesdropping on my call. The caller was my cousin. But my husband thought I was cheating on him.

"He listened to our conversation. Immediately I dropped the call, my husband rushed out and started shouting that he had caught me red-handed. He called me a wicked woman. He said he had often starved himself just to make me comfortable. He said I was repaying all his efforts by cheating on him.

“Before I could explain myself, to tell him the truth that it was my cousin that called, he had brought out his belt. He started flogging me. I ran to a neighbour’s apartment to save my life. Our neighbour called landlord to intervene in the matter.”

Mr. Adeyemi nearly killed his wife if not for the intervention of neigbours and the Landlord who begged on the woman's behalf. When he was asked what happened, the man said he had been suspecting his wife for long of cheating on him. He explained that whenever she was on phone and saw him, she would attempt to stop speaking or hid the phone. He said: “I knew something was wrong.”

But rather than confront his wife, Mr. Adeyemi began to monitor her. Speaking on the matter, Mr. Adeyemi said:“I suspected she was cheating on me. I noticed and watched her movement anytime her phone rang. She didn’t know I was spying on. On the fateful day in question, I caught her red-handed. The moment I heard her phone ringing, I rushed to listen to her conversation. I heard her telling the caller they would see the following day."


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