Friday, 1 April 2016

Drama As Man Storms In-Law's Home Completely Naked To Reclaim His Wife

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It was mild drama in Kisumu County, Kenya over the weekend as residents ran for safety in order to avoid a curse after one of their in-laws stormed their compound completely naked to reclaim his wife. According to The Nairobian, in Dholuo culture, it is a taboo to see your in-law naked and whenever this happens for one reason or another, an elaborate cleansing ritual must be performed. It was gathered that the in-law, Mr Otieno, had two weeks ago, allowed his wife to travel to her rural home for what is called 'Sawo' (a memorial ceremony) of her father’s burial which was taking place over the weekend.

The man was later shocked to realize that his wife will not be coming home because of the unpaid dowry. He was informed by the wife’s brothers that he would have to pay the dowry for them to release her back to him. “We are not going to release Akeyo until you sort out the dowry. This is something you must sort out once and for all, only then we going to release her back to you,” an elder brother to his wife, called Odiwuor, informed him. 

One week passed by and another came calling. Otieno was now restless and heavily burdened by the house chores. He was also taking care of his siblings and had just been warned by his employer because of asking for days off rather too frequently. He decided to storm the home of his in-laws to reclaim his better half.

First, he called his wife Akeyo and reminded her that she was duty-bound to take care of their children, warning her that he was running out of patience. “Your brothers must realise that it is from that job that I’ll get the money to pay your dowry with, so if they “arrest” you and I lose the job, where will I get money to pay up? Time is running out and children also need you here,” he argued.

Another week went by after this call and still nothing happened, which now made Otieno decide to storm the home in Nyawita, and this he did in style. Otieno took a bodaboda and gave directions, the rider took him near the home and left him some 300 metre away. After reaching there, he decided to remove all his clothes and walk into the household totally naked. At that point, everyone who saw him ran for safety. Akeyo, the wife was so embarrassed that she took a leso, wrapped it around him and took him away from the home. They both left a happy couple and headed to their matrimonial home. 

Meanwhile, a cleansing ceremony and prayers will now have to be done, where chicken, a cow and goat will face the knife in order to cleanse the home.


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