Thursday, 14 April 2016

Horror In Abia State As Man Butchers Sister, Buries Brother And His Friend Alive, And Then Flees (Graphic Photos)

Tragedy struck in Umukoroada village of Okpuala Umugwor Autonomous community in Osisioma Ngwa Local government area of Abia State where one Kenneth Nwanguma Agu, 32, used a sharp cutlass to cut his own sister, Ester Akudo Agu, 28 to pieces and made attempt to bury his brother, Kingsley Ngozi Agu, 30 along with his friend, Ezekiel Chikwado Ajuga from Enugu State inside a bush. According to Breaking Times, the trio, Kenneth, Esther and Kingsley are children of late Sunday Nwanguma Agu. Their mother, Mrs Ekemma Elizabeth Agu née Okeke is from Neni in Anaocha local government area of Anambra state.

Luck was however on the side of Kingsley and his friend as villagers who noticed their presence on the ground in the said bush rescued them while they were still breathing.They were tied with rope and parked in a wheel barrow down the bush and buried. According to Nnadi, a brother to the mother of the trio, trouble started late last year when their father who was a trader dealing on timber at Aba died. He said shortly after Agu’s demise, Kenneth started laying claim to the family house, a four bedroom bungalow situated in the village. He said attempt made by Kingsley to secure one room in the house failed and effort made by the mother and Ester to convince Kenneth to release the room also failed.

According to him, Kingsley had a misfortune where he was doing business at Abuja shortly after the father died and thus, he had to relocate to the village and so he needed a room in the house but Kenneth refused. Not ready to listen to anybody, Kenneth decided to do otherwise. Nnadi said Kenneth allegedly attacked Ester with a very sharp cutlass and butchered her to death on the midnight of 31st December last year. Kenneth then ambushed and hit Kingsley and his friend Ezekiel with an iron that sent them into coma. After that, he tied them with rope and used a wheel barrow to push them down the bush in the village and buried them alive.

It took the notice of villagers who passed by the bush on their way to fetch firewood to rescue Kingsley and Ezekiel. According to Nnadi, Kenneth after burying Kingsley, forgot the wheel barrow and did not cover the body of Kingsley's friend well enough. On seeing the wheel barrow, suspicious villagers felt that it is not normal for anybody to abandon a wheel barrow in the bush and on getting close to the barrow,they noticed that somebody was shaking on the ground.

The lucky duo were however rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital where they were treated. Kingsley has gotten better, discharged from hospital.

Asked what Kenneth was doing for a living and how he managed to tie down Kingsley and Ezekiel with rope and drove them to the bush on a wheel barrow, Nnadi said that he suspected that he used diabolical means to achieve his cruel aim along with his friend by name Clement Nsogala, adding that he was a motor cyclist (okada rider) in Makurdi, Benue state for some years before then.

The police are carrying an investigation and trying to get hold of Kenneth who has since gone into hiding.

See the photos below:

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