Saturday, 9 April 2016

Man Rapes Teenager, Got Her Pregnant And Then Raped The Child She Gave Birth To 8 Years Later

With due respect, permit me to say that some men are animals in human clothing! I mean, how could anyone in his right senses commit this kind of atrocity? This is pure wickedness!

A "depraved and predatory" paedophile has been locked up for raping and impregnating a teenage girl - then sexually abusing her child eight years on. Gordon Dean, 79, subjected his child victims to a sustained "campaign of rape" warning them "bad things would happen" if they told anyone of his abuse. For seven years, he repeatedly raped, sexually abused and assaulted the first victim when she was aged between 13 and 20. The girl fell pregnant and gave birth to his child, but eight years later, he raped and abused her too from the age of eight to 12, the Liverpool Echo reports

The pensioner, denied any wrongdoing and only admitted his crimes in the face of irrefutable DNA evidence.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, said: "You are a domineering, controlling, deviant and depraved man. You are a predatory paedophile. "How does any person ever come to terms with the fact firstly that they came into this world as a result of their mother being raped by you? "How does anyone ever come to terms with thereafter the fact you raped that very person?""You took away their virginity, you took away their innocence, you took away much of their lives. "You have scarred both of them emotionally and psychologically."

Dean showed no emotion as he was sent down, while his youngest victim burst into tears. The judge deemed him an offender of particular concern, meaning he will serve at least 10 years in prison, and only be released if a parole board decides he is no longer a threat to society.

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