Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Popular 'Witch Doctor' Advises Christians To Be Careful, As He Reveals How He Helps Famous Prophets Perform Miracles

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Sekuru Elisha Matanga, a local witch doctor in Zimbabwe has claimed to be behind miracle performing powers that several prominent prophets in the country have. Sekuru Elisha also claims that the success of most prophets and preachers are rooted on his powers. He sensationally claims that many seek powers to draw large numbers of people from him.  The prophets, he alleges, come from all corners of the country. “What you have to understand is that nowadays, the church is now a business and most church leaders,mainly prophets,are desperate for power for them to draw many people. 

“Most of these prophets who are making a lot of noise in the country are my clients,not all of them but most of them. “I cannot reveal their names because my services are confidential to me and my clients. “We strengthen then,we give them powers to perform what amazes you in churches and to some, we even host traditional ceremonies for them here,” he said.

Sekuru Elisha said that what worries him is that church leaders who come to get powers from him attack traditional ways of powers whilst it is their source. “It is not credit that we seek.What I am against is for them likening what we do to evil when they get powers from us,” he said.

Apart from those who visit him,Sekuru Elisha said there were some prophets who were also involved in satanic practices. “Those whom I have imparted my powers are linked to ancestral spirits but there are some who have gone to the extent of getting satanic powers. “They kill to attain miracle power, some of them make covenants which are costly for their lives and others even get powers making their followers zombies, bringing curses on them.

“Because of this, I want all Christians to be careful on who shepherds them spiritually. Most of these church leaders (they) run to for deliverance are the ones who are actually imparting them with evil spirits. “Know the history of the person you want to submit to spiritually, not only in churches even other witchdoctors.They use tricks and dubious powers to perform miracles,” he said.

He added that there were also bogus prophets who were using his name to get clients. “The challenge I am now having is most people know my name but they haven’t seen me so bogus traditional healers use my name and make their own posters,” he said.

Source:  MyZimbabwe


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