Friday, 29 April 2016

This Is So Amazing! Man Gives Girlfriend A Surprise Package She Will Not Forget In A Hurry (Photos)

Moses Atigi, a New Zealand resident adorably proposed to his partner of nine years, Chanel Whareumu but he had more in mind than simply slipping a ring on her finger. According to Daily Mail, the stealthy groom had actually spent the past eight months planning the Auckland couple's wedding, and two days after he asked for his wife's hand in marriage, they tied the knot in front of family and friends. The wedding was a complete surprise for Mrs Whareumu, who was left with nothing more to do than to pick out the perfect wedding dress. She was in tears about the whole development.

'I feel very blessed that he took the initiative to plan this entire thing for us with my family, to make me happy. I love him. Oh how I do!'  she told New Zealand Herald. 'Most women wouldn't like the idea of their partner planning their whole wedding but it takes the stress away. I'm glad I won't be a bridezilla.' 

The couple, who have a young son, wedded on Thursday. Mrs Whareumu told the New Zealand Herald that she came home two days ago to find petals scattered on the floor and chair. With her entire family watching on, Moses put on a slide show that showed him and their son expressing their love for Mrs Whareumu, before he asked her to be his wife.

Mr Atigi had planned the entire wedding, from catering to hair and make up, through The One Stop Wedding Shop in New Zealand's Whangarei. The only thing Chanel had left to do was pick out her dress.

A video by New Zealand showed Mr Atigi talking about his plans to surprise his now wife. Mr Atigi said he initially planned to pop the question a week before the wedding, but joked he didn't want to have Mrs Whareumu, who is a perfectionist, to be a 'bridezilla' for an entire week. He and the couples' son kept the wedding a secret for an incredible eight months.

Mr Atigi said they had been together for nine years and he probably should have 'popped the question earlier' but has always had bad timing. 


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