Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Disturbing Video Of Nigerian Prostitutes Brutally Manhandled In A Violent Raid At Russian Brothel (Photos)

Disturbing videos emerged on social media which shows a Russian vigilante team led by former kickboxer Viacheslav Datsik raiding a local brothel in St Petersburg. In one of the videos, one of the girls - obviously a Nigerian, could be heard saying in pidgin English: "Una wan kill me because I dey do ahsawo? 
Former kickboxer Viacheslav Datsik calls himself Red Tarzan and has declared war on prostitution in the city of St Petersburg. The 36-year-old has reportedly been calling police and tipping them off, effectively orchestrating raids – but this time he personally conducted an attack. Harrowing footage shows him and several other men including Stanislav Baretsky, a 44-year-old Russian musician and actor, raiding a brothel. They enter a brothel room with a group of men – some have their hoods up and are wearing sunglasses. 

Datsik can be seen holding a prostitute of African origin to the floor, pushing into her back with his knees. He then appears to give her a beating as the camera pans around and intermittently blacks out.

Another video shows Datsik grabbing the hair and arms of two African prostitutes, so that he can show their faces to the camera. All the while, Baretsky is standing next to them, but does not appear to physically harm them. Datsik then asks the women why they ‘infect Russian citizens with AIDS’. The former fighter said: 'These sluts are infecting the last remaining white men of your nation with HIV. Now the whole country will see your face.'

Commenting on the videos, Netizen Katerinak said: 'It is still not clear whether Datsik is a psychopath. He’s been admitted to two psychiatric hospitals and was then sent to jail. Psychos are not admitted to prisons in Russia.'

Netizen Sergey said:'If he brought a naked pimp to a police station that would be cool. Other than that it is pure humiliation.'
According to local media, police are now investigating Datsik - who already has a criminal record - and he may be charged over the two videos. The investigation is reportedly ongoing but so far no arrest has been made. 

See the videos below: 

Source: UK Daily Mail


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