Thursday, 5 May 2016

Heartless Man And Woman Busted Trying To Sell A Girl's Virginity For $10,000

Two heartless Texans were busted in a scheme to sell a girl's virginity for $10,000. Adriana Aguilar, 33, took advantage of her relationship with the victim before trying to pawn her off on 32-year-old Cirino Santiago Delacruz, according to the probable cause affidavit obtained by the Daily News. The incident took place when Aguilar drove the girl to an apartment where Delacruz was waiting. Aguilar had told the girl, who was pals with the suspect's daughter, that they were going to Dallas to run an errand.

The girl later told investigators that she had previously seen Delacruz at a restaurant, but did not know him. Aguilar told the victim that Delacruz offered to pay $10,000 to have sex with her and take her virginity, according to court documents.

The victim "was not OK with this" but was physically forced into a bedroom of the apartment and held down by Delacruz while he forced himself on her. Delacruz kissed her and reached under her shirt while she was trying to get him off her, according to court documents.

When Delacruz tried to take her pants off, she fought him off so he would let her leave the room. Aguilar then became angry with the girl because she would not have sex with Delacruz.

Delacruz then paid Aguilar $100 for being allowed to touch her breasts. Aguilar attempted to give $50 to the victim, but she did not want the money. Aguilar kept the other $50.

The female suspect then told the victim not to tell anyone what happened.


  1. See their horrible faces. Mitcheeeeew

  2. Thank goodness they were busted.


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