Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Incredible Moment Good Samaritans Rushed To Save A Suicidal Woman From Jumping To Her Death (Video)

A suicidal woman who was bent on taking her own life has been luckily rescued in a really dramatic manner by several persons in a combined effort. The woman was captured by surveillance cameras trying to jump to her death from an overpass in China, but was pulled back to safety by a number of bystanders. The woman, who is dressed in black tights and a pink puffer jacket casually walks up to the railing and quickly surveys what is underneath before climbing up onto the ledge with some degree of difficulty. But the act catches the attention of another woman, who is holding a white umbrella, who runs over to help.

The woman, planning to jump, turns around and catches a glimpse of the bystander upon hearing her running over and quickly tries to get over the ledge. But the woman hesitates as her legs begin to drop, throwing her arms around a concrete pillar and holding on to stay alive. The Good Samaritan is able to extend one of her arms to assist, but is unable to pull the woman to safety because she is still holding her umbrella.

A man walking past 50 metres away notices what is happening and sprints over to lend a hand, but the two of them are unable to pull the slight woman, who appears to be middle-aged, back over the railing. Another three people run in to assist – two of them also refusing to drop their umbrellas as they reach in to lend some muscle. A woman walking past stops to see what is going on, before she appears to scream frantically and plead for more people to run in and offer assistance.

The woman has been dangling over the edge for 30 seconds before someone in the crowd throws away the umbrellas. More people then rush in to help, with a total of 16 strangers now working to pull the small woman back up onto the road – a feat they achieve after 66 frightening seconds.

The video is a refreshing act of kindness from the group of rescuers, most of whom grew up in an era where self-preservation was ranked as more important than assisting others.

Watch the video below:


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