Saturday, 21 May 2016

Madness Or….? Meet Men And Women Who Enjoy Dressing Up As DOGS (Photos)

There is nothing someone will not see on internet. There is actually a weird world of “human pups”, which means - grown men/women who enjoy dressing up as dogs, and according to them, what they do is not sexual and their yearning to wear rubber outfits and masks is a lifestyle choice. The craze has 10,000 followers in the UK, and a few of them are women. The females are said to be more into kitten play as they identify more with kittens than pups.

32-year-old Tom, pictured above, split from fiancee Rachel due to his love of dressing up as Dalmatian Spot. He says: “You disappear and start chasing puppy toys. You go so deep into the head space, you crave it and want it. It’s just magic.”

Rachel, who is still friends with Tom and also pictured above with him, adds: “I didn’t understand it. I didn’t want to understand it then.”

Tom - who has spent the past 10 years playing puppy and splashed out more than €6,000 - proudly shows off his costume, together with hood and breathing tube. He tells the camera: “It is quite awkward to put on, you need a lot of talc.”

Tom has even taken to sleeping in a dog training crate - complete with a lining of puppy training pads in case he has a call of nature.

MirrorUK reports that as reigning Mr Puppy UK, Tom travels to Belgium to compete in Mr Puppy Euro with burly “handler” Colin. Tom admits: “Rachel thought I was becoming gay. A tiny bit of me regrets being a puppy because I lost what I had.” 

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