Sunday, 1 May 2016

OMG! Man Stabs 16-Year-Old Sister To Death For Talking To Her Boyfriend On Phone (Photos)

Hayat Khan in jail
A Pakistani man used a kitchen knife to murder his sister after flying into a rage when he caught her using a mobile phone. Hayat Khan tells the camera he flew into a rage after catching 16-year-old Sumaira using a mobile to talk to her boyfriend. The 20-year-old used a kitchen knife to stab her at their home in Karachi, Pakistan, it has been reported. He then threw her out of the house where she lay on the steps as neighbours gathered to help. A woman using a mobile phone, in particular to speak to a male non-relative, is seen as highly taboo among conservative elements in Pakistani society.

Speaking to AFP from his jail cell, Khan said: "She was talking to someone at the entrance of the house, I asked her who was there and she replied why are you bothered it's none of your business, I am free to talk to anyone. "I just wanted to scare her off with the knife but it hurt her fatally. "Of course it is very sad, I wish I could also die."
Phone screen shot of the victim
Mobile phone footage shot by an unknown onlooker showed several men and boys standing around Sumaira, who was seen dressed in a red tunic and orange headscarf and draped in a blanket as she writhed in pain. A young boy is shown fighting back tears as one man says in Pashto: "Let's take her to a hospital in a car," and another man replies: "It's almost here, it's coming brother." The video then pans to Khan, dressed in a purple shirt and blue jeans, who stares directly at the camera.

Abdul Hakeem, a local resident, told AFP: "She was taken by car to a private hospital but she died before she arrived."

Police officer Gul Faraz Awan said: "He (Khan) stabbed his sister with knife and she died in hospital. "We have arrested the accused and produced him at court to obtain a four-day remand. "Our investigation is ongoing but this boy says he killed his sister out of honour because she was talking to a man."

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