Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Singer Skuki Dishes Relationship Advice For Ladies: 'How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You Over & Over Again'

Singer Peeshaun of Skuki, has taken to social media to give women several tips on how to make a man fall head over heels in love with you. Below are a series of videos posted on his Instagram page:

"A lot of women are familiar with situations where they seem to be the ones putting all the effort into their relationship. The guy just seems to be in some kind of emotional sleep, being indifferent and halfhearted about matters concerning the two of them

"Just as I mentioned earlier, he is actually sleeping emotionally, u need to wake him up! The old way you knew, is to call him and talk to him, trying to let him see reasons why the two of you are good together. Well trash that, because men don't hear shit u say, when his sex drive and his ego are satisfied.

"A man can like you a lot, cos of your physical features, but he wouldn't fall head over heels in love with you unless you engage his emotions. Yes! (1) his sex drive and (2) his ego, are the two ways to get through to a man's emotions, unlike women, who can be reached emotionally on a thousand other notes

"Before sex, a man is emotional, because he is thinking with his libido, while the woman is logical, but after sex the man becomes logical again, because his 'D' has been satisfied, while the woman starts getting all emotional, panicking at the thought of adding another body count. This is why some women hold off sex, till they are sure of a guy, but what happens when u eventually have sex and he starts getting cold emotionally, there has to be another way to get his emotions back up, and that my dear is - his EGO!!!

"Women+ sensitive feelings= emotional, Men+ egoecentric feelings= emotional. Strike at his ego, take a step back and watch his emotional side fully reveal itself. Love is not mathematics, but it sure requires some level of calculation. Learn what to do BEFORE and AFTER sex.

"It all starts and end with you - YOUR SENSE OF SELF WORTH IS YOUR GUIDING STAR- Nurture it and follow it!"


  1. Over to all the ladies in the house.

  2. He should be teaching womanology in the university.


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