Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Too Bad! Woman Divorces Husband 3 Weeks After Wedding Because He Cannot Satisfy Her In Bed

A newly-married woman in Mihango area of Nairobi, Kenya has allegedly left residents in shock as she has divorced her husband just 3 weeks after getting married to him. Her annoyance being that the husband does not know how to satisfy a woman in bed. It was gathered that the woman took the measure because of her husband's poor bedroom skills and low sex libido.  Neighbours revealed that trouble started one night as the two were involved in a shouting spree. The man and wife were shouting at each other as he threatened to leave the house because the wife has left him frustrated owing to his poor bedroom skills.

The man complained that the wife's insatiable libido has left him with no other option as he could not cope with her. It was gathered that the man, identified as Bosire is a born-again staunch Seventh Day Adventist who is believed to have been a virgin by the time he was wedding. Meanwhile, the wife Emily is believed to be worldly and experienced, and her husband could not satisfy her.

The two had three weeks ago, gone for their honeymoon at the Coast where, according to the woman, nothing romantic happened. “It began with the woman heckling her husband, telling him that he is lazy and clumsy in bed. She whined about how she didn’t enjoy the honeymoon, terming it boring,” said a neighbour.

Complaining about her unpleasant experience during the honeymoon, the woman accused her husband of ‘starving’ her and being decidedly downbeat about making love.

The woman also complained that the husband could not last in bed as he was always coming too quick when the wife has not started feeling anything. She accused him of spending too much time and attention on his christian life which has denied him all the freedom to express himself well in the bedroom. She also accused him of praying each time before sex.

“Apparently, the wife would go to bed and hope that her husband would follow her. But he always remained behind in the living room, reading the bible before embarking on long prayer sessions. And by the time he would join her in bed, she was always dead asleep,” revealed another neighbour.

The husband, determined to equally disgrace her, told the neighbours that she never gets satisfied. “I don’t know what kind of a human being this is. She always wants me to go on and on, as if our life depends on it,” scoffed the husband, adding that there is more to marriage than intimacy.

“He is always ‘just there’. I am the one to initiate intimacy,” complained the woman as neighbours laughed their heads off. When humiliation and embarrassment became too much, the man grabbed his briefcase and left in a huff in the cover of darkness. Efforts by church elders to reconcile the duo have proved futile, since man’s cannot be traced.

The woman has now gone to court to end the marriage as she cannot cope with the husband's inexperience and lack of knowledge.

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  1. That's an insult to the man.


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