Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Very Graphic Photos: Female Doctor Found Murdered In Her House Two Days After She Went Missing

Family and friends of late Dr. Ivy Umunah, have sent out a press release following her shocking/gruesome murder. According to them, the 44-year-old head of Histopathology Department at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Akwa, Ibom, was last seen on April 21, 2016. Her corpse was later discovered locked up in her home two days after she went missing. Read the full statement after the cut.

Friends of late Dr Ivy Umanah of NdonEyo in Onna Local Government Area of AkwaIbom Statewish to bring the above heinous crime to your attention for speedy redress.Who killed Dr Ivy Umanah? Why was Dr Ivy Umanah Killed and the corpse locked up in her residence for almost 48 hours? What would have warranted the brutal murder of this 44 years old woman who has been in medical practice for over 20 years? The perpetuators of this heinous crime cannot go unpunished? We have been denied of a beloved sister and the community has been denied of an illustrious daughter. Onna Local Government Area and AkwaIbom State has been denied of an astute professional.OUR HEART BLEEDS FOR JUSTICE!

Our brief is that on the 20th day of April, 2016, the deceased, Dr. Ivy Umanah who until her death headed the Histopathology Department of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital was scheduled to handle a resit examination for Part IV medical students of the College of Health Sciences, University of Uyo, AkwaIbom State.  The scheduled time for the commencement of the examination was 9.00am but by 10:30am, the deceased was nowhere to be found and no apologies were sent in from her. At this point, the external examiners were restless and the coordinator for the exams tried repeatedly to get her on her mobile phone but no answer was gotten from calls made to her phone but subsequently a text message was sent to him informing them that she was in a meeting. Further calls to the phone found it switched off. Feeling that this was so unlike the deceased, a medical laboratory scientist and a resident doctor (names withheld) both from the Histopathology Department of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), decided to visit her house.

They got to the house situate at Shelter Afrique Extension by 1:30pm of the same 20th day of April, 2016 and met one Mr. Henry Silas locking the gate of the deceased house. The said Mr. Henry Silas, a native of IkotAkpanawa in Ika Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State; who was in possession of the deceased television and car keys when asked of the whereabout of the deceased told them she went out that morning accompanied with some people in a black Siena vehicle.

But that she had called him to get the car key, which she had kept somewhere, remove the television from the car and take same for repairs. The duo who were not satisfied with the explanation of the said Mr. Henry Silas cajoled him into entering their car and he was taken to the Divisional Police Station at Shelter Afrique Extension.
SUSPECT: Pictured is Henry Silas - the man who was arrested 
by the police but was later released and is nowhere to be found.

At the Divisional Police Station, the Inspector on duty at the front desk was informed of the suspicion and the circumstance that led them to be there but no attention was given to the complainants. Meanwhile, Mr. Henry Silas there and then made a call to one Dr. Festus Abasiubong from the Mental Health Department of UUTH, who had introduceuthenticity of Henry’s assertions but the police refused and released him.

The family met with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) on the 21st day of April, 2016 and informed him of what had transpired at the Shelter Afrique Police Station. The DCP requested the presence of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Shelter Afrique Police Station and the Officer-in-Charge anti-robbery Unit. The DPO when asked about the issue informed the DCP that he was not aware of the details on Mr Henry Silas as he was not on seat when the incident happened.

The DPO later came to the State Police Headquarters and informed the DCP that his men claimed there was such an incidence the day before and the deceased house bunch of keys, three of her ATM cards and her car key were found on the floor of the station the morning of the 21st April, 2016. The DCP ordered the DPO to arrest of Dr. Festus Abasiubong and he must produce the suspect, Mr Henry Silas.  On return to Shelter Afrique Police Station, Dr.FestusAbasiubong was called by the DPO to report at the station. He came and was asked to produce the said Mr. Henry Silas but he told the police he does not know the place of residence or how to locate the person he had identified to the police as a person known to him. The inspector who handled the matter was called to bring the Incident Register and it was discovered that no documentation whatsoever was made concerning the incident. The inspector also informed the DPO that Mr. Henry Silas was never searched and that he left with the plasma television belonging to the deceased.

Armed with the keys of the deceased house gotten from the police, the family in company of some police officers accessed the home of the deceased. Lo and behold, the deceased was found dead in the sitting room of her house.

From the above exposition certain question comes to mind:

1. The reason for the refusal of the Police to make an entry of the incident reported by the medical laboratory scientist and the resident Doctor  who were insisting that the deceased was missing and that Mr. Henry Silas was in possession of some belongings of the deceased?

2. The absence of any documentation on the release of Mr. Henry Silas to Dr. Festus Abasiubong on personal recognition.

3. How the keys to the house of the deceased, her three ATM cards, and her car keys got to be on the floor of the police station without anyone noticing. 

4. The refusal of the police to invite for questioning, the gateman of the deceased who unceremoniously left the employ of the deceased less than two weeks to the incidence  despite all plea by the deceased to remain even with a promise of salary increment.

We therefore make a demand on the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies of our state and nation to thoroughly investigate this gruesome and cold blooded murder of this incredibly smart professional and bring the perpetuators of this crime to book. The Police must live up to its responsibility to the citizenry of this nation.


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