Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why Father Mbaka Is Silent On Fulani Massacre In Enugu; Says Nigeria Problem Is Beyond Everybody (A MUST READ)

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka is famous for his true prophecy on the victory of President Muhammad Buhari. Recently he was transferred to his new parish at Emene, an outskirt of Enugu urban. Following the increase of the attacks by Fulani herdsmen many wonder why Father Mbaka doesn’t speak about the current situation in Nigeria. Tutu Udeh of Adoration Ministry explains why the cleric is silent. Attack by Fulani on Enugu state As the news reported, there was an attack by the Fulani herdsmen on Uzo-Uwani community of Enugu state. Everybody is talking. Again and again, many people have started to abuse and attack our spiritual director Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

The government is not doing anything, so why is Fr. Mbaka not saying anything about it? Mbaka this….Mbaka that! Mbaka why??? Well permit to clear you from unnecessary hatred. You see many of don’t know Fr. Mbaka well, and probably have never seen him or met him. You only read about him on the news and see his pictures on social media. Mbaka can never be influenced by anybody But there’s something you probably don’t know, and that is Fr. Mbaka can never be influenced by anybody. He can praise you today and tomorrow will attack you.

He speaks what God wants him to speak. Whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not, he doesn’t really care. What matters to him is that he tells you how you are doing at that moment. For those of you saying….why is Fr. Mbaka not talking on Nigeria situations. Well for your information, Fr. Mbaka will talk when God wants him to talk okay. Whether you like it or not, is not our problem. You can go ahead and abuse him. Call him whatever you want to call him. Say whatever you like or want to say, we don’t really care about your hatred him. We the Adoration Family are used to you guys hateful attacks and condemnation on Fr. Mbaka all the time. And we will never fight with you guys over a battle you are destined to fail.

Whether you like Fr. Mbaka or not, whether you accept what he says or not, Fr. Mbaka stands for the truth and for the poor. He is never afraid to speak the truth when he wants to speak. But he speaks when he wants to speak. So get used to that! Fr. Mbaka speaks when God wants him to speak Fr. Mbaka is not working for any of us. Fr. Mbaka is not for the government. Fr. Mbaka is only working for God. He speaks when God wants him to speak, and not when you want him to speak. For all the people and other Facebook pages who are writing rubbish and nonsense on Facebook about our spiritual director Fr. Mbaka. Go ahead and say whatever you want to say okay. Go ahead and dent his image. Go ahead and abuse and blackmail him. In the end you will all be ashamed as usual.

But just be advised that you are answerable to everything you say. Please be very careful on how you write and speak to anointed men of God, whether priests or pastors. Do not write what you don’t know simply because you are angry. Be very careful what you say, just respect yourself and mind your own business. What is happening now in Nigeria is beyond all of us. It was prophesied on New Year Eve, that many evil things are going to happen in Nigeria. Many are going to question and attack the ruling government, but that in the end, we are all going to smile again. 

So all we need to do now is to be very careful and prayerful. I’m not saying that you should not talk or say whatever you like or want to say about Fr. Mbaka. After all he’s not God! I’m advising that you be very careful on what you say against anointed men or God. Because God will never abandon his anointed no matter their situation. (Psalm 105:15) This is not warning! This is just an advice, you can either take it or leave it! 

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