Thursday, 12 May 2016

Woman's Breasts Explode After Cheap Botched Cosmetic Enhancement Surgery Went Horribly Wrong (Photos)

The dangers of breast enlargement has been exposed after a woman's breast burst following a botched cheap cosmetic surgery. According to, Dennie Lees paid £2,375 to have her breasts increased from 34A to 34F after a friend recommended the clinic. Shockingly, just a few days after going under the knife in Belgium, Lees said her breasts burst. "At first, I brushed it off but I woke up the next day with the worst fever I had ever had. "I took my sports bra off and it just gushed out, it was like a tap, it was disgusting. "I was so scared. My mum and boyfriend took me to hospital still with fluid pouring out of my breasts."

It was later revealed by doctors at Sandwell Hospital in West Bromwich, West Midlands that she had blood poisoning forcing both 800cc breast implants to be removed. However, the young girl didn't stop after all the warning. In September, Lees, from Birmingham, returned to the same Atlas Kliniek in Brussels for a second attempt at the surgery, this time free-of-charge. Upon returning to the UK, she complained of a ‘ripple’ sensation in her left breast and doctors found one of the implants to be infected yet again.
Dennie Lee had to remove the implant to save her life
"After I went back to Belgium to have the surgery done again, as soon as I landed on the plane back in England, I felt a ripple in my left breast. "Rather than going home, I came straight back to hospital and when one of the doctors opened the stitches, it poured with puss."

The 24-year-old had the implant in her left breast removed a second time. But the one to the right, which doctors found to be healthy, was left inside. "I had an operation to remove the left implant on Tuesday so now I have one enhanced breast and one ‘man boob’."
The botched breast implant nearly killed her 
She was later told that if she had not come to hospital straight away, she would have died during the night. 

Lee has now started raising awareness for women hoping to go abroad for cheap breast surgery to reconsider as they may lose their lives. 


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