Monday, 20 June 2016

Doctor Under Fire For Saying 'Abortion Is Like Getting Married, & That It Should Be Freely Available Like Condoms'

The head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Ann Furedi, has boldly declared that abortion is simply another form of birth control and should be as freely available as other forms of contraception. Ann who's the CEO of Britain's biggest abortion clinic chain, argued that there is no moral difference between decisions on a termination and whether to get married or divorced. And there is nothing morally wrong with destroying a foetus because "it kills a being that has no sense of life or death", she said.

Dailymail reports that Mrs Furedi's call for abortion to be made as easily available as condoms comes in a book to be published next month, arguing that it is 'a travesty of our freedom' for terminations to be regulated by criminal law.

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion is legal if two doctors agree that continuing with a pregnancy involves a greater risk to the health of the woman, or her existing children, than having a termination.
Mrs Furedi, 55, argued that at a time when many women are expected both to raise children and earn money it is wrong to put any restrictions on their freedom to use abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy. In her book, 'The Moral Case for Abortion,' she said:

"It is a safe, effective means of birth control that can be subject to the same clinical governance and regulatory requirements as other treatments. The clinical risks of early abortion are not significantly higher than those of contraception, so why should it matter morally or legally if a woman chooses to practise birth control through this method instead of another? 

"Abortion may be an act of killing – but it kills a being that has no sense of life or death, and no awareness of itself as distinct from others. Women make moral choices all the time. An abortion may be a difficult choice that a woman would rather not make. But this is no different than many decisions we make and women are no less competent to make pregnancy choices than they are to make other life-changing decisions, such as whether or not to marry, or whether or not to divorce."


  1. How can she make such comment?

  2. She must be out of her mind for saying that.


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