Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Man Narrates How His Wife Locked His Manhood With Charms To Stop Him From Sleeping With Other Women (Photos)

Tapiwa Mandidzinga
A Zimbabwean man has shared a shocking story of how his wife locked his manhood preventing him from having sex with any other women. According to him, his manhood only gets erect when he wants to have s*x with the wife, but anytime he wants to meet another woman for s*x, it won't get erect no matter what he does. He has tried drugs and s*x enhancing tablets all to no avail.

Tapiwa Mandidzinga, 44, of Zengeza 4, who has been living separately with his wife, Tiferanji Lisongo for the past two years, has now cried out for help. For the past two years, during their separation, Tapiwa said he could only have s*x with his erstwhile wife when she visited him and no other woman could arouse his manhood.

“I have been living in hell at the hands of this woman,” Tapiwa told H-Metro. “Tiferanji locked my manhood and went back to her parents’ home leaving me; she would come to have s*x with me when she pleased. “I tried to move on and re-marry but I could not because my manhood would not rise to the occasion,” Tapiwa narrated.

According to him, he has tried to beg the estranged wife to unlock his manhood but she refused. “Pabonde aindinakira zvisingaiti mukadzi uyu. I would spend the whole day locked up with her when she would come home for s*x. “I would only wake up for meals and spend the whole day having s*x with her but she locked me; I still love my wife and I have never enjoyed s*x with any other woman the way I enjoyed it with her,” he said.

Tapiwa said he has been sexually starved for the past six months since his ex-wife denied him s*x which made him approach her so that she could remove the potions she used on him. “All I wanted from her was to remove the runyoka spell on me so that I could start a new life. “The only woman I can have sexual intercourse with is her,” he said.
Tiferanji Lisongo 
Tapiwa said he initially thought he had a medical problem but his manhood would turn functional when he saw Tiferanji. “I also made inquiries from a local prophet, Walter Magaya and it was confirmed that I was locked. “The man of God has been helpful. I have been going to church to be helped but I stopped going there due to financial problems.

“I can no longer fund my transport to church for Prophet Magaya to cast out the spell because I have no money at all. But when I manage to get money, I will return to church to be helped,” said Tapiwa adding that he had found a new partner who attended Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries who he wanted to marry.

However, Tiferanji has denied casting runyoka on Tapiwa saying he was just obsessed with her sexually. “It is not my fault that he cannot get enough of me sexually, he finds me attractive that’s all. “I have never used juju all my life and this runyoka claim that he is making is strange to me. “He cannot accept the fact that I am no longer interested in him so when I divorced him, he turned violent. “He is no longer my husband, all I want from him now is to give me money for maintenance for the upkeep of our child,” she said.

The husband has now ended up dragging the wife to Chitungwiza Magistrate courts with Tapiwa facing assault charges. The man even assaulted the wife over the matter which led police to arrest him.

Tapiwa was ordered to pay US$100 at Chitungwiza magistrates’ court for assaulting Tiferanji.

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