Friday, 3 June 2016

OMG! Two N*ked Actors Caught Filming A Pornographic Movie Inside A Graveyard

The naked actors were caught in this graveyard
Some ghost-hunters had arrived at a haunted graveyard hoping for the sight of a spectre or two. But instead of the shadow of former Poet Laureate Philip Larkin, who is said to haunt the quiet spot, they came across something more shocking - two naked actors filming a pornographic movie. Picturesque, 19th century Sculcoates Lane graveyard in Hull often attracts visitors looking for a glimpse of a ghostly monk, known as Henry, who is said to guard the oldest tombs.

So when the tour party first heard the sound of moans, they thought they might have struck lucky. Instead, they were stunned to find a team of cameramen with sound equipment gathered around a couple filming a naked tryst in a patch of ivy.

Paranormal expert, Mike Covell, 37, of TV show "Most Haunted" who was leading the tour, described the pair as'going at it like knives among the ivy' while two men were recording it on video. He said: 'The woman was in her 30s and when she saw us, she pushed the bloke off, pulled up her knickers and ran. The guy ran after her, desperately trying to protect his privates from the brambles. We didn't know where to look.'

John Abbot, 64, who works at St Mary's Church, in Sculcoates Lane, said he was dumbfounded by their antics. 'I think it is disgusting,' Mr Abbott said. 'A church and a burial ground are a sacred place and I cannot believe people would do that. It is a place of worship and a place to remember people and to lay some flowers. I don't think much of the people who did that at all. I have nothing but contempt for them.'

Members of the tour group have since complained and are concerned that young children playing in the area could have seen the couple. Mr Covell said: 'Good job all 12 people on the tour were adults because sometimes kids come along. 'One elderly man was so incensed he was ready to chase after them with his walking stick, but I persuaded him to calm down and eat his sandwiches. We once saw a monk walking through the cemetery - but nothing like this. It was such a beautiful day too.'

Local neighbourhood association chairwoman, Lorna Walker branded the scene 'very distasteful'. She said: 'This is the first time I have heard of anything this. I guess there are always people in society who will push the boundaries. The cemetery has a rich history. Poet Philip Larkin used to ride his bike through it, so we all hope this is a one off.'

The graveyard is owned by the Diocese of York but the running of it was taken over by the community in 2007. Its tombs date from the 1840s and the last burial took place in 1959. Volunteers said just three graves are still tended by relatives.

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