Thursday, 16 June 2016

Too Bad! Muslim Man Brutally Stabs Girlfriend To Death After She Secretly Filmed Their Anal S*x

A Muslim man has brutally stabbed his girlfriend to death over a secret anal s*x film.  The video was secretly filmed by the man's girlfriend as he had anal s*x with her. The Muslim man after killing her, said that she had offended his honour by recording their love-making without his consent. Unknown to him, the video was being shown to his friends when they treated him in a derogatory manner after the girlfriend filmed them together as she didn't want the man to leave her. She filmed the scene to use it as a threat against him if he ever tried to leave her.

State prosecutor Michael Schietz said that the Muslim man "became enraged, because anal s*x is taboo for Muslims, and because he was being treated derogatorily by acquaintances when they realised what he had been doing"Schietz told the court in Vienna, Austria that the woman didn't want the man to leave her, so had filmed them having anal s*x to use as a threat against him.

It is a known fact that anal s*x is forbidden in Islam and the perpetrator can suffer corporal punishment and even death. It was revealed that the man stabbed his girlfriend in the neck twice before she died.

When he appeared in court in Vienna in Austria, the 45-year-old man claimed that he first tried to kill himself with the six-inch knife. He said he tried to do this by pointing the knife at his heart. But he claimed that after a struggle the woman, 40, was accidentally stabbed to death.

He said that the injuries were an accident. The jury unanimously convicted him of murder and the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

The Koran strictly forbids anal intercourse.


  1. The Whites are something else


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