Monday, 20 June 2016

Very Graphic Photos: Man Narrates Heartbreaking Story Of How His Friend & His Pregnant Wife Died In Auto Crash In Umuahia

Chiemela Ihemanma, his pregnant wife, and their friend were killed in the fatal accident which occurred at Ubalaka, Umuahia on Saturday June 18th, involving a truck and a Honda Pilot Jeep. Below is the heartbreaking story shared by their family friend, Onyebuchi (meanwhile, the photos after the cut are graphic...*viewer discretion advised*. 

"I was the Master of Ceremonies when Chiemela Ihemanma and his wife wedded some eight years ago in Umuahia.  They gave me that honor.  I have special love for the Ihemanma family. When I had my accident in Abuja in 2003, they were there for me. Ezii Ezii Ihemanma and her elder sister Nwamara, together with Uche were very kind to me as I lay in the hospital.

Their parents Chief Sir and Lady Simeon Ihemanma have special love for me. Their last son, Chikaodi Ihemanma, like me, had survived a terrible accident that almost claimed his life some few years back.  We thought it was over with accidents. Then yesterday, tragedy struck! A tragedy of inexplicable proportions.

Chiemela Ihemanma and his wife had gone to Aba from Umuahia to shop for for maternity stuff. The wife was heavy with a child. She was due in a few months. Shopping over, they stood at the express way to take a bus back to Umuahia. Then they saw a friend driving from PH and joined them to Umuahia. On the way, a terrible accident happened.  All three of them died instantly. Crushed to death. 

The friend who was driving, Chiemela and his pregnant wife. They left three little kids behind. How is one supposed to explain this?

My Fathers' Day was spent in tears. I wept throughout the church service as I stared endlessly into the ceiling wondering what this life really means. How could Chiemela, an extremely calm and good natured guy go this way? Why would a young wife, heavy with child die such a tragic death?  The tears simply refuse to go. I wept like a little child today. I still weep.

I weep for Sir Ihemanma and his wife, Lady Vine. A wonderful couple who have spent their lives in public service and invested all they had to train their children. Now that they will relax in their old age and enjoy the company of their children and grand children, this kind of tragedy strikes them. I weep for Uche, my brother, my friend, my classmate and colleague. Chiemela was his immediate elder brother. 

How is one supposed to offer his sympathies in this kind of situation? 

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