Friday, 10 June 2016

Video: Woman Catches Her Cheating Boyfriend With Another Lady And Attacked Them (But What Happened To Her Is So Unfortunate)

A video has shown the shocking moment a girlfriend was run over by the 'other woman' after catching her boyfriend cheating. The woman can be seen lashing out at her partner's lover, smashing the window of her car, before she is run down and left with a badly broken leg.  The astonishing incident, which took place in Tennessee, was captured on a cell phone camera from a window across the street before being uploaded to a video sharing site.

At the start of the footage, the girlfriend, wearing a white T-shirt, can be seen talking to a man who appears to be her boyfriend next to a black car in the corner of the parking lot. As the people filming the video joke: 'we're gunna watch them God-damn kill each other', the girlfriend begins lashing out, throwing some items from her car at her boyfriend.

Moments later, she takes another object from inside the black car and runs to the other side of the parking lot where she hurls it at the lover's car, which is sitting just off camera. A heavy crunching noise can be heard before the silver vehicle pulls into the frame, driving towards the parking lot exit.

Not satisfied with the damage she has already caused, the girlfriend picks up the object she just hurled for another throw, narrowly missing the back of the car, which stops. The girlfriend then makes a big mistake by walking behind the vehicle to pick the object back up, at which point the lover begins backing into her.

That causes the girlfriend to lash out again, this time - breaking the back windshield of the car. The lover then puts her foot down, reversing completely over the woman and dragging her under the wheels of the car.

As the camera pans around, the girlfriend can be seen trying to get up off the floor before collapsing back over in pain. When the footage zooms in, it becomes clear why she cannot stand - as her foot is twisted around sideways after the collision apparently broke her leg.

The lover's car again goes to drive away but stops, and two women climb out before attempting to run over to where the wounded girlfriend is laying on the floor. Before they can get there, the boyfriend stops them and ushers them back into the vehicle, before going back to tend to the wounded woman who is screaming in pain.

Little else is known about the footage, which was filmed and uploaded to Liveleak. 

Watch the video below: 

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