Monday, 4 July 2016

"For 2 Hours, I Was Locked Inside The House, Kicked, Slapped, Drugged - Woman Recounts Heartbreaking Experience In The Hands Of Her Baby Daddy

A Louisiana woman named Christina Mack, shares heartbreaking and near death experience she suffered in the hands of her baby daddy on Facebook. Please read below: 

Ever knew how it felt to feel worthless? To wear a smile and tell people you're okay when you're really not? To love someone with all of you and get hurt in return? To hide EVERYTHING to protect someone? Man I used to call females STUPID and look at me going through the same shxt .

Today was my LAST day. I felt like I was about to die today , for TWO hours I was locked inside the house (my son was upstairs) I was getting kicked, slapped, drugged, the back of my neck and rib cage was stomped on. I SCREAMED FOR TWO HOURS !! Nobody came , all I could do was keep saying "Jesus" over and over again. I never felt SO AFRAID, SO STUPID, so worthless, so disrespected, etc. LADIES WAKE UP!! They won't EVER stop hitting you! Three hospital visits in ONE MONTH !!! fuck the flowers, the gifts, and apologies, LEAVE ! Y'all know he ain't say sorry until the police pulled up??

She also followed it up and wrote; " Thanks everyone for your concerns, prayers, and well wishes . My decision to post about my situation was to bring awareness to other women who smile to hide what's really going on behind closed doors. My decision to leave was mainly because I was fed up and I had a child who has watched this happen on numerous occasions. I don't care about being judged , I don't care if I get talked about, all I care about is helping the next woman in the same situation. BE BOLD , LEAVE !"

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