Thursday, 14 July 2016

Man’s Inhumanity To Man! How A Nigerian Businessman Was Beaten And Burnt To Death In Togo Through The Help Of His Pregnant Girlfriend

A Nigerian businessman was beaten and burnt to death in Togo Republic through the help of his pregnant girlfriend. In order to get to root of what led to the brutal killing of Chukwuma, APGA Interactive Forum went into investigation. This Forum contacted the IGBO community in Togo and was shocked to discovered that the young man is an Igbo man. His name is Chukwuma Emmanuel Uchenna Udeh, but he was popularly called “tootoo”. He is from Awka Etiti in Anambra State. He was murdered by the Togolese hoodlums mobilised by his Togo girl friend.
Tootoo had been in relationship with this Togolese girl. The girl took in for him and Tootoo accepted the pregnancy. They both attended a function on Sunday where they took the picture above. It was after the Sunday outing that they had misunderstanding which prompted him to walk out of the relationship. The Togolese girlfriend on Tuesday mobilised her brothers, ambushed Tootoo, beat him mercilessly and burnt him to death.

The girl, we learnt, was later arrested by Togolese police but there is an unconfirmed report within the IGBO community in Togo that she has been released. This Forum gathered that the Nigeria Embassy in Togo has not shown any interest and has done nothing to seek justice for the murder of our brother Chukwuma Emmanuel Uchenna Udeh.

This is the ugly situation Nigerians in diaspora face, as our foreign embassies do not protect them against victimization, racial discrimination and intimidation by their host nations.

However, Ndigbo in Togo have met as they wish to seek justice for Tootoo and also make arrangement for his burial.

Stupidly, the pregnant girlfriend is now weeping and claiming that she didn’t know her brothers would kill him.

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  1. That lady is very wicked. RIP man


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