Saturday, 17 September 2016

OMG! Two Prostitutes Drug, Rob And Leave Two Teachers Stark N*ked In A Hotel Room (Read Shocking Details)

Two prostitutes gave two teachers the humiliation of a lifetime after they drugged, robbed and disrobed them, and then left them butt n*ked in a hotel room in Bomet Town, Kenya. According to SDE, it all began when the two tutors received their delayed pay for marking last year’s national exams. With the prospects of making merry and enjoying themselves to the fullest, the teachers visited a famous entertainment joint in the town.

A waiter who remembers parts of the drama said the duo ate and drank till late in the night when they were joined by a bunch of prostitutes. How the two ended up in one room with the prostitutes is not clearly known. But the following morning while cleaning, one of the attendants at the lodging got shock of her life when she stumbled upon the two teachers unconscious and naked.

“We had waited for the occupant of the room to check out for us to do routine cleaning in vain. When it got to around ten in the morning, I went to check if the occupant was still around or had sneaked out without us noticing,” said the attendant, adding: “After several knocks on the door went unanswered, I tried to open the door, only to find the duo in their birthday suits and motionless”.

It was until a doctor was called to administer first aid to the duo that they began talking, albeit faintly, explaining how they found themselves in the predicament.

“It was quite a spectacle, with a crowd of curious onlookers milling the scene to have a glance of what had happened. It was then that some members of the public identified the two as teachers at a local school. The doctor injected the two with intravenous fluids to regain consciousness,” said the attendant.

Once the duo regained consciousness, they narrated how it all began, with some members of the public expressing their sympathy for what had befell them.

But some locals found the whole incident funny and neither had kind words nor empathy for the duo; they laughed off their heads, saying that it served them right. “Some onlookers poked fun at the tutors, loudly wishing that their wives knew what had befell them,” said the attendant.

“It is this kind of men who leave their wives and children to eat Sukuma wiki and ugali while they treat themselves to roast meat, beer and all sorts of delicacies in pubs with prostitutes. I hope this serves as a lesson to all others with this kind of behavior,” a local was quoted as having scoffed at the teachers.  

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  1. Lolz the tables have finally turned..


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