Friday, 7 October 2016

Lagos Houseboy Steals His Oga's £40,000 To Help His Parents Out Of Poverty & Build House In The Village

A domestic servant, Samuel Ugbem, 24, yesterday told journalists in Lagos that he stole N1.7 million belonging to his boss, Mr. Ajadi Babatunde, because he wanted to build a house in his village. Samuel said he secured the cooperation of his elder brother, Monday Ugbem, to steal the money. The brothers were paraded at the state Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja.

The suspects said they climbed a ladder to the balcony of Babatunde’s house on Dipo Oyewole Street, Magodo area of Lagos. Samuel said his boss recently returned from a trip to the United Kingdom (UK) with the money and when he found out, he called Monday. According to him, both of them planned how to steal the money.

Narrating how he stole the money, Samuel, who was paraded alongside 25 other robbery suspects, who were arrested within one week in Lagos, said:

When my boss came back with a lot of money from his trip, I invited my younger brother over, with the intention of stealing some of the money and handing it over to him to take to our parents, who are suffering, because we wanted to build a house in the village but we did not have money. 

"I gave him 40,000 Pounds, which he kept with my brother-in-law to keep for us until we are ready to use it. When my brother came, we climbed to the balcony of the house with a ladder and stole the money. I have been working in the house as a house help for some time now so I know the house very well.” 

However, when his boss, Mr Babatunde, discovered that his money was missing, he inquired from Samuel, who denied culpability.

He added: “When my boss discovered, he summoned me and asked if I knew anything about the money. My boss’ brother came and begged me to say the truth that part of the money would be given to me. I confessed that I stole the money and that I had given it to my brother. 

"Because stealing is not in my blood, I opened up to him that I was the one that took the money with the help of my brother. I also told him where the money was. I promised to return the money to him if he would give me a share of the money.

It was gathered that the money was split into two, with his in-law and his younger brother in possession of each part. But when policemen arrived his in-law’s home in Ikorodu, he was discovered to have bolted with the money. Samuel said he then called his brother to bring the money, but he initially refused.

However, Monday later gave Samuel the money. Samuel said that after collecting the money back, he took it to his sister to keep, hoping to return it to his boss when he agreed to share the money with him.

The sister, according to the suspect, showed the money to her husband who divided it into two. Samuel’s sister’s husband fled with half of the money before they were apprehended by the police.

When I gave the money to my sister, I told her to keep it without telling anyone but she told her husband who divided the money into two and ran away with half,” Samuel said.

The police arrested Samuel’s sister but they were yet to apprehend her husband.

On his own part, Monday, who was commercial motorcyclist rider in Ikorodu, explained that when his brother called him, he came and they both stole the money. Monday also said that they wanted to use the money to build a house in the village. On his part, Babatunde told the police that his domestic servant and his brother stole pounds.

According to him, when converted to naira, it amounted to N1.7 million. However, Samuel claimed that they stole 67 pieces of pounds in 20 and 50 denominations. According to him, he does not know the exact amount. 

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