Monday, 3 October 2016

Man Gets More Than He Bargained For After He Tried To Forcefully Have S*x With His Wife

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A man tried to have s*x with his wife by force but ended up getting more than he bargained for. The man, a motorcycle mechanic at a village in Tenwek, Bomet County, Kenya, tried to use force in demanding his conjugal rights from his wife however, she overpowered and beat him up, forcing him to wail for help from neigbours. According to SDE, the man, identified as Paul Kemboi, returned home high as a kite and still demanded to get intimate with his wife. This did not amuse her, and she was forced to express her anger.

She turned down his advances, claiming that besides not being in the best of moods for intimacy, she also had a terrible headache. But a furious Kemboi would hear none of it; he insisted he must have unlimited access to what he believed was his right.

Tempers soon flared when Kemboi accused her of hoarding her honeypot and always coming up with lame excuses so as not to make love to him. Without knowing what was in store for him, he turned turned forceful, claiming it was his conjugal right. What’s more, he claimed, she was his legal wife and had paid dowry to her parents.

SDE reports that unfortunately for him, she turned tables on him and clobbered him almost to a pulp. A relative who lives with the couple said it had been Kemboi’s custom to come home drunk and cause trouble. Upon arrival this particular evening, he woke up his wife who was fast asleep and demanded that she warms his meal, which she did albeit grudgingly.

After retiring to bed, the couple are reported to have begun squabbling, with Kemboi allegedly demanding intimacy. The disagreement generated into a fierce outburst as the two exchanged bitter words.

“What did I marry you for? I will not entertain your excuses anymore, I expect my needs as a husband to be met,” he was overheard by the relative whining, in his drunken stupor.

The woman is believed to have opened the Pandora’s box by flatly refusing to play ball. Unfortunately this prompted a furious Kemboi to beat her and attempt to throw her out of the house.

It’s at this point that things took an ugly turn, with the skinny and tipsy Kemboi being physically overpowered. The woman, who is said to be rotund, wrestled him to the ground and sat on him whilst raining blows on him.

The overpowered Kemboi began wailing to attract the attention of the live-in relative and neighbours. The woman explained to the neighbours what had happened, even as some unsuccessfully suppressed laughter and made light of the matter.

With his nose bloodied, Kemboi couldn’t do much but to sheepishly look on as neighbours warned him against drinking too much, coming home late and turning himself into a nuisance to his wife. 

However, some appalled neighbours defended Kemboi and wondered why his wife went to such an extent.

“It’s culturally unacceptable for a wife to beat her husband, she needs to apologise, lest the family gets jinxed,”an irritated neighbour is quoted to have said.

According to SDE, after the disgraceful drama, uneasy calm has since returned in the home. Unfotunately for Kemboi, he has since been turned into a laughing stock at the workshop where he operates from in Bomet Town. 

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