Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Shocking Video Shows Chicken Screaming 'Allahu Akbar' Just As It Was About To Be Killed In Ekiti

Apparently, this cock was screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ just as it was about to be slaughtered in Ekiti. And for that reason, no one wants to eat it. They now think it's a sacred fowl. Read how the story was shared on Facebook by Abiyamo after the cut.

”Come and see sontin (something). Here are some Nigerian black African Arab wannabes who said a cock started shouting Allah Akbar in Arabic when they wanted to slaughter it. They say that the cock cannot be eaten as that will mean eating God. No, listen to what they said yourself, I did not make it up.

”You see why Africa cannot have sense? So the millions of hens slaughtered all the time by KFC, Chicken Republic and even bukas all over the world, none of them could also shout Buddha, Orunmila or Jesus so they can be saved right? You sef imagine a cock shouting Orunmila gba mi, maje kojutimi (Orunmila save me, don’t let me be disgraced). What has stopped the goats from yelling Jehovah before they are used for asun in Ikorodu or isiewu in Aba? Why is the cock not screaming in Ijebu dialect?

”Simple answer: these black African Arab wannabes have been brainwashed to believe that Arabic is the language of God and it is not their fault really. I truly understand their predicament but they should not come here to tell me crap (you know yourself).

”Can you imagine the number of hens that will be speaking in Ekiti dialect on a daily basis in Ado Ekiti if we bother to listen to them? Or Yoruba is not as divine as Arabic shey? Let us even assume that hot water burnt the throat of the poor cock and it was screaming ‘Allah’, how is that supposed to be a divine sign? Is that the cure for sickle cell anaemia or the solution to our recession?

”Of what significance or utilitarian value is such a ‘miracle’?. This is why Africa does not have sense really. Gullibility and the laziness to use our brains. Today, scientists are on the edge of getting a permanent cure for HIV/AIDS but see what your family members are doing?”

Watch the video below:


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