Thursday, 6 October 2016

Woman Lands In Emergency Room After Getting 7-inch S*x Toy Stuck Inside Her ANUS During Freaky S*x Session

A student teacher has warned kinky couples to be careful in the bedroom after her steamy misadventure turned into a serious visit to A&E. Mum-of-one Emma Phillips was feeling amorous with partner Lee Miller during the early hours of Saturday morning when a 7 inch sex toy 'disappeared'. Minutes later the 24-year-old said when she leaned forward she could feel it vibrating inside her bottom wedged behind her hip.

Flustered Emma and 29-year-old Lee tried to extract the toy, bought for £28 as part of a couple's sex aid pack, with a fork handle and then later BBQ prongs before calling for an ambulance. She added: "After an hour of trying - we knew were going to have to go to hospital. We were both a bit shocked."

Emma, from Wallasey, Wirral, has spoken out about her bizarre emergency and told others not to allow embarrassment from stopping them seeking help if they find themselves in a similar predicament. She posted a Facebook photo of herself giving a thumb's up from her hospital bed, telling her friends all about her misadventure with a sex toy.

Emma said: "We'd both been drinking the night before so we couldn't drive. I had to make the most embarrassing call to the ambulance at 7am. The call handler said 'tell me exactly what the problem is' so I had to tell him."Within five minutes an ambulance arrived and rushed the pair to Wrexham Maelor Hospital in Wrexham, North Wales. Emma spent the 45-minute journey perched on one of the seats and was hurried into a room for observations.

Doctors carried out an x-ray to work out where the still-buzzing vibrator was and realised it was too high up and would be too painful for them to manually extract it while she was awake.

Emma said: "I think at that point it started getting quite serious. The doctors were really good - they all moved quite quickly and were so reassuring telling me they saw it quite often which was quite a relief. At first we were jokey about it but then realised it wasn't much of a joke especially when there was talk of going through my stomach if they couldn't get it."

As she was being wheeled to theatre doctors told Emma if they couldn't extract it rectally they would have to go through the bowel and take some out which could mean at least six months with a colostomy bag.

At 12pm Emma underwent the minute-and-a-half surgery which involved placing a camera down her throat and the surgeon pressing on her stomach before manually extracting it.

Doctors offered her the toy as a keepsake but she declined.

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