Sunday, 30 April 2017

Revealed: Inside The Sordid Tale Of Mutual Infidelity & Financial Crisis That Crashed Actress Mercy Aigbe's Marriage

Revealed: Inside the Sordid Tale Of Mutual Infidelity and Financial Crisis That Crashed Mercy Aigbe's Marriage
New details have emerged on the situations that led to the recent crash of Mercy Aigbe's 7-year-old marriageThe NET reports that according to the well placed source, ‘The man has a hotel where Lagos-based actors and actresses use to shoot their movies, but the business was mismanaged and nobody goes there anymore.

‘As of now, he doesn’t have any business going on for him. How many wide-mouthed actresses can live with that type of hopelessness?

The situation has gotten so bad that now Mercy can openly cavort with the politicians that have been on her case since. I’m sure that in no time, her shop in Omole will be shifted to Lekki as she has always dreamed of.’

The last straw that broke the camel’s back for the couple was a combination of Mercy’s sudden boldness and her husband’s latest fling with a very close associate of hers. Opemititi, as the Covenant University graduate is called, was very close to Mercy.

She had been said to have taken the younger woman under her wings, even introducing her to some ‘sugar daddies’ that flushed her with cash that she left her bank job for a flimsy interior decor business that had little or no structure.

Mercy had trusted her so much because of the secrets they both shared, it was shocking to her that this person could betray her by sleeping with her husband.

Consequently, she cut Opemititi off from her in the last one month and decided to duke it out with her husband. The issues eventually overheated and spilled into a fight that many couples could have overlooked.

Gentry asked Aigbe to cook a special meal for him and his friends. She refused to do so and her husband pounced on her as he had reportedly done in the past.

But by now, Mercy Aigbe had had enough and fought back bitterly, lashing out from all the pain and anger of several years. Unsurprisingly, his strength was incomparable to hers and he beat her to a pulp.

For Mercy, that was one beating too many and she began divorce proceedings when she was strong enough to leave a private hospital where she had been receiving treatment.

Revealed: Inside the Sordid Tale Of Mutual Infidelity and Financial Crisis That Crashed Mercy Aigbe's Marriage
For a couple who had made such a big show of being endlessly in love with each other, their sad end was enabled by a long period of resentment caused by both parties’ infidelity to the other.

Eventually, Instagram posts were not enough to save the marriage, and instead became where the Aigbe-Gentrys ended their seven-year nuptials.

For now, the actress is holed up in a Magodo apartment while her husband is exploring his options in a divorce proceeding, seeing that of all the three women that have children for him, Mercy is the only one who he married and might lose all he has worked for should the case go in her favour.

‘The two other women who have children for Lanre are currently laughing at him because as things stand now, he’s the biggest loser,‘ the source concluded.

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