Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sponsored Post: How To Dry Your Hair Fast And Easy

A modern girl cant imagine her life without a hair dryer. It can help us make beautiful styling, but on the other hand it can damage our hair, make it dull and unhealthy. Try to use our lifehacks  dry your hair faster and easier! Also, we want to recommend you the best place on the web, where you can find all kinds of tools and accessories. Visit Jiji is the largest Nigerian marketplace, here you can find the best choice of products in all kinds of categories. You can find here both new and used goods at the lowest prices in Nigeria!

· Choose a hair dryer with power of at least 1800 Watt, with multiple temperature modes and instant cooling function. All this will allow setting the desired mode at each stage: when you are drying your hair, set an average temperature, and when you are styling your hair use a hot mode.

· Don't forget to use cold mode at the end of the styling  this way the shape and volume will be kept much better. When you are making curls, use the cooling function after you curl a strand.
· Use hairclips. It is much easier to dry hair using them, especially if you have a long hair. In addition, this will prevent damage caused by drying the same sections several times.

· Curly hair is by nature more prone to dryness, so never dry it at high temperatures. And, of course, in this case you will need a diffuser. Just note that the shape of the nozzle should be concave, not flat, then the curls will look more beautiful.

· The distance between your hair and the hair dryer should be about 10 − 15 cm, but if the hair dryer has a nozzle, you can hold it closer to your hair.
· Don't forget to use thermal protection. It not only protects, but also significantly reduces the time of drying.

· Remember the simple truth: the owners of thick and frizzy hair need waxes and creams, and for fine hair, it is better to choose foams or mousses.

· In short, the thinner your hair is, the lighter should be the texture of a product. And yes, carefully read the label and avoid products with alcohol.

· After applying thermal protection, comb the hair, it will allow you to distribute the product.
Step 1
Once you washed your hair and toweled it, dry it using a hair dryer, but leave it slightly moist (but better let them dry naturally). Then lift the hair and dry each strand separately, but at higher temperature mode. Direct air from top to bottom  this way, you will not violate the natural structure and your hair will be smooth.

Step 2
Move to the top of the head. In this case, you need to dry your hair tilting your head down  this will give an extra volume at the roots. The direction of the motions is from roots to ends.

Step 3
And finally, go to the front of the head. Apply a hairspray, and then try your best and dont touch your hair.

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