Saturday, 27 May 2017

Too Bad! 23-Year-Old Bar Worker Murdered, Cut Into Half & Buried In A Shallow Grave By Unknown Person (Photos)

Policemen in Thailand are looking for the murderers of a pretty bar worker whose body was cut in half and buried in a shallow grave. Police said the killer has a 'personal vendetta' which might have motivated the killing. According to Dailymail, the woman, identified as Warisara Klinju was was found in plastic bags with her body mutilated near a village in Khon Kaen Province, northeastern Thailand.

The 23-year-old had been killed before being sawn in half at the waist. The murderer had then stuffed her body into two bins. Horrified farmers discovered the corpse in the middle of the afternoon before alerting police. Officers said they believed the killer had a 'personal grudge' with Warisara.

Lt. Gen. Suan Khamai from the Khao Suan Kwang district police, said: 'Villagers were walking and approached the area where the body was found.

'There were black sheets and they began digging. When they opened the bag they found body parts. Police immediately rushed to the scene. '

Lt. Gen. Suan said that Warisara had worked nights in a city bar complex where she was a drinks hostess entertaining customers. They identified her by distinctive tattoos on her back and a tattoo on her left chest which read 'Poppy'.
He added: 'The dead girl was killed elsewhere, cut somewhere else, then put into a bag and transported in a car to be buried in the area. 'We believe this was a personal vendetta. When the opportunity arose they killed her and sliced the body into two pieces. 'We expect it to be a person issue related to sex and relationships.'

Officers have now taken the body for DNA testing as they hunt the killer. 

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