Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Horrific Moment A Doctor Removed Dozens Of LIVE Maggots From A Boy's Ear (Video)

This is the horrific moment a doctor removed dozens of squirming live maggots from a boy's ear. The young boy, from Kazakhstan, had gone to the doctor's surgery complaining of earache, local reports suggest. But eyewitnesses, who were present for the procedure, could not believe their eyes when the doctor began removing live maggots.
He carefully pulled the grey maggots one-by-one with his tweezers and deposited them in a surgical dish. By the time the doctor had finished there were dozens of maggots wriggling in the stainless steel container.
An eyewitness filmed the gruesome operation - at a doctor's surgery in Kazakhstan - and shared it online where it is proving popular with viewers.
The maggots, each about one centimetre long, are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or blow fly (Calliphoridae).
Hatched into maggots 
It's likely that after laying their larvae in his ear, they hatched into hundreds of maggots, which fed off his flesh. 
Aida Abdybekova, deputy director of the Kazakhstan Scientific Researching Veterinarian Institute, said the case was not unique.
She said: 'There are cases when insects lay their eggs or larvae inside the human ear canal.'
The infestation 
The infestation is known as aural myasis - a common condition in the tropics and subtropics.
It is usually seen in children younger than 10 years of age or in debilitated individuals. 
People with aural myasis might experience buzzing in their ear and notice smelly discharge, and it can cause deafness. 
Clean homes 
People in Kazakhstan are being advised to keep their homes clean and their rubbish bins firmly closed so as not to attract flies in the hot summer months.
It is not reported what happened with the boy, whose name and age were not reported, after the larvae were removed from his ear.
Netizen 'Rakhmet' said: 'This is the most disgusting thing I ever saw. Could they have eaten his brain if they were not taken out in time?'
And 'Anna' added: 'Poor boy, the larvae did not appear inside his ear in one day, his parents should have been better taken care of him.'
Kazkahstan is the world's largest landlocked country and the economic powerhouse of Central Asia because of its vast oil and gas reserves.
However, it is perhaps best know in the west for the 2006 comedy movie Borat in which Sacha Baron Coen played a fictitious Kazakh journalist. 
Watch the video below:

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