Friday, 7 July 2017

Shocking Confessions Of A Nigerian Man Who Has Slept With 1,000 Men & Deposited Their Semen To His Spiritual Masters

For two years, Terkimbi, a 21-year-old truck driver was entangled in a sizzling love affair with dazzling ebony black young “woman,” Jennifer, whom he met at Kastina-Ala, headquarters of Kastina-Ala Local Government Area in Benue State. It was indeed, fun at its best for the lovebirds as they relocated to Makurdi, the state capital, where they continued the affair. At a point, they cohabited briefly at Terkimbi’s abode before his partner rented a thatch-roofed mud hut barely a month ago, at the Coca Cola, Gaadi, a suburb of Makurdi, where he also resides.

But the world seemed to have come to an end for Terkimbi two weeks ago, when he was jolted to a realization that Jennifer, his love, had a split personality and lived in two worlds, a male in the true sense of it who transformed into a female with all vital organs including breasts and private part whenever they had s*xual intercourse. He also realized that his partner’s real name is Ushahemba Yaapera, not Jennifer, as he was made to believe.

However, his greatest worry is that he faces an uncertain future, bleak and harrowing. When the bubble burst and Jennifer’s true identity was unveiled, the 19-year-old made a shocking confession, which has become a nightmare for Terkimbi.
Ushahemba said he is an agent of sea gods sent to have sexual intercourse with lustful men in the form of a woman and obtain their semen, which he donates to his masters in the spiritual realm:

“I would donate their sperms to the spiritual world which I belong. Thereafter, if any man I had slept with had not fathered a child, he would be childless in his lifetime. If the person already had children before having sex with me, his family would disintegrate.”
Terkimbi is not married, and his sexual escapades with Ushahemba have turned an albatross.

“I am tired of life, I am doomed. I fear for my future because I do not know what would become of me with these revelations by Jennifer. I have slept with “her” severally and on each occasion, he would manifest breasts and vagina like a woman. I find it difficult to believe that the person I had been dating for two years is actually a male.”

Terhimbi is not the only one battling with the shock of Jennifer’s true identity. Kumawuese, “her” close friend at the brothel where she was arrested by the police before the bubble burst, and Mercy, the owner of “her” newly rented apartment at Gaadi are in league with him.

“We lived in the same compound and we have been friends since she came to this area. I didn’t know she was a man. She never gave anyone room to suspect her as she was always in trousers and T-shirt at day time, and puts on either mini gown or miniskirts at night. I was shocked to hear that the Jennifer I knew, is not a woman,” Kumawuese said.

“I rented the room to Jennifer at N15,000 per annum but she had not even completed payment before this saga unfolded. For the period he lived with us in this compound, we never suspected he was a man. He spoke like a woman, did things like a woman,” Mercy, his landlady added.

“Jennifer” was arrested alongside other female suspects, by the police at about on Monday, June 12, 2017, following a raid on a brothel at the High Level district of Makurdi, over an alleged incident of theft. An intensive probe by a female detective was said to have led to the shocking find and subsequent mind-bogging revelations.

His story: “My real name is Ushahemba, I am from Katsina-Ala LG, but in the spirit world, they named me Jennifer. I am 19 years old and was born a man. I started this life when I was in secondary school at Kings College, Katsina-Ala, where one of my classmates introduced me into this act.

“On that day, I came to school and my classmate told me he had food for me, that I would like the food if I ate it. I asked him what kind of food it was, and he said I shouldn’t worry but just wait and see.

“He eventually gave me the food, a plate of rice and chicken lap. As soon as I ate it, I disappeared and found myself where I didn’t understand. Those I met at a strange enclave gave me liquid inside a pot and asked me to drink. As soon as I drank it, they told me I had now become a servant to them and that I would from that moment, be a man but would start behaving like a woman, sleeping with men and collecting their sperm.

“At night, I would dress like a prostitute and attract men who bargain with me and take me to hotels to have sexual intercourse."
When it was time for the act, vagina would manifest in me and all they would see was a woman before them. Then, as soon as it was over, I would donate their sperm to the spiritual world, which I belong.

“By so doing, any man who has not got a child before sleeping with me would be childless in his lifetime. But if a man has raised a family, his family would disintegrate. My spiritual masters said I would indulge in the act for 12 years, after which I would become a millionaire.

“I started sleeping with men and donating their semen five years ago, moving as a prostitute from one state to another. I’ve been to Lagos, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Kano and Kaduna among others. My kingdom is inside the river. We meet under River Benue, River Niger and River Katsina-Ala.

“My parents are in Abaji Kpaa Shitile, Katsina-Ala LG. Since I started the act, I have not seen my parents. I have been staying alone using the money I make from prostitution to feed myself. I recently hired a house at Coca-Cola Gate, Gaadi, Makurdi.

“I was arrested at a Bar during a fight among three girls. In the daytime, I dressed like a normal woman and then at night, I dressed like a prostitute and hang out on the streets waiting for men that would patronize me.

“I have slept with over 1,000 men since I started this act.”
Credit: The Sun

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