Thursday, 31 August 2017

Horrifying Moment A Man Beats & Drags His Father's Mistress On The Road In A Bid To Get Revenge For His Mother (Pics/Video)

Horrifying video footage shows a man beating up his own father's mistress in the middle of a Chinese street, Dailymail reports. The man blamed the alleged sidechick for his parents' failed marriage and decided to vent his anger on her. The incident took place in Yuzhou City, central China's Henan province on August 27.
According to reports, a police spokesman said the pair were likely to resolve the matter privately. The footage was taken the day before Chinese Valentines Day which falls on the seventh day and the seventh month. Many people commented on the video which was posted on social media site Weibo. 
One user wrote: 'This man should be detained and then sentenced. The violent behaviour of this crowd is completely intolerable' 
While another commented: 'How did he not fight his father?'  

And one user said: 'Did no one think it was a crime?'
Watch video below: