Friday, 15 September 2017

Drama As Husband Discovers His Wife Is Pregnant For Another Man After Marriage

The marriage of a couple known as Johnson and Lizza is now in danger following the discovery by her husband that his wife was already pregnant for a boyfriend before he married her. It was gathered that Johnson (surname withheld) is in a dilemma after he spent huge sums of money to marry Lizza but later discovered that she was almost four months pregnant before he engaged her and brought her to Lagos.

The marriage took place in Onitsha, Anambra State but the couple were living at White Sand area in Isheri Oshun, in the out skirt of Lagos. PM Express gathered that the man married his wife sometime in June this year without any sexual contact until after he performed the traditional marriage and church wedding in Onitsha.

However, when they came to Lagos, she announced her pregnancy to her husband and they went to a private hospital where doctor confirmed that she was six months pregnant. Trouble started when they calculated the time they really slept together and he discovered that Lizza was already pregnant before they got married.

It was gathered that they had returned to General hospital at Isolo to re-confirm the pregnancy and months, it was the same six months. They became more confused which seemed to endanger their young marriage.

The wife claimed that she had a lover before she met Johnson but she had to sever the relationship when Johnson proposed to her. She said she had her normal menses and did not have any sign of pregnancy before they got married. She wants the husband to accept the pregnancy because both cannot really explain what happened.

But the husband was said to have developed cold feet since they discovered this and was thinking of divorce which he cannot get easily under Catholic Church where they wedded.

The matter has been taken to a Catholic prayer ministry priest at Oke Afa, Lagos for intervention.