Sunday, 17 September 2017

I Want To See My Son Before I Die – 85-Year-Old Mother Of Missing Police Sergeant

The sudden disappearance of a police sergeant, Daniel Nwankwo from Umuogbara compound in Umuogbuji village of Abala Autonomous community Obingwa Local Government Abia State, has continued to cause nightmare for the entire community especially her octogenarian mother. Sergeant Nwankwo, force number 424092, before his disappearance was attached to the kidnapping unit of the Akwa Ibom Police command.

According to the family, he was last seen on April 21. The family alleged that Nwankwo alongside three other officers were dispatched to Obet Ndom community in Etinan Local Government Akwa Ibom to arrest a criminal kingpin.
They further alleged that while the other officers returned from the operation Nwankwo has not been seen or heard from since. When Saturday Telegraph visited the home of the Nwankwos in Abala, the aged mother of the police sergeant Madam Victoria Nwankwo wept uncontrollably, saying the missing police officer was the last of her children.
Apart from the intervention of members of the family, the octogenarian refused to let this correspondent leave as she asked many questions such as: “Where is my son? Did you bring him home? If you are a policeman I will not let you go until you tell me the whereabouts of my last child.” It took the intervention of family member to convince the weeping woman that this correspondent is not a police man.
The 85-year-old woman said that since April 21, when she was told that her son was missing she had lost touch with existence. “The sudden disappearance of my son will surely send me to my early grave. I love Daniel so much, he is my last child.
What the police should do for me is to bring him back. I want to see him hale and hearty before I breathe my last; how can I live without Dany my son who I love so much,” wailed the old woman. Madam Nwankwo further said that she had told the eldest person in the family to appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor of Akwa Ibom and Abia States to bring back her son. In tears she queried: “What crime did Daniel commit to serve his fatherland.
If they fail to return my son and I die, my blood will surely cry for vengeance.” The eldest man in the family, Evangelist Chukwuemeka Nwankwo, who spoke on behalf of the family and the entire Abala family, said the sudden disappearance of his younger brother had remained a puzzle yet to be solved. He said that the family got to know about it through a social media post by one David Ekeng on April 22, where he announced the obituary of Sergeant Daniel.
The family sought to confirm the authenticity of the post. The family swung into action to confirm the veracity or otherwise of what it termed a mere rumour. Evangelist Nwankwo said they wrote several letters to the Akwa Ibom Police Command, the Inspector General of Police but received no response. He said: “When we did not receive any responses, we petitioned through the National Assembly and submitted it through the senator representing Abia North Senatorial Zone EnyiAbaraibe and the House of Representative Solomon Adaelu.
While the senator had called the family and even raised the matter on the floor of the senate, his counterpart at the House of Representative had not.” The representative of the Nwankwo family further said several efforts made by the family to meet with the Commissioner of Police in Akwa Ibom had not been successful. He lamented that the disappearance of their son had been treated with disdain.
“The family and the entire community are in dark because we are yet to be told if our son and brother is alive or dead. We have resolved to use every available means within the ambit of the law to seek justice in order to make the police bring back our son,” he said.
Evangelist Nwankwo further said the shabby treatment of this grave matter that involves life had made the family to ask many questions among which are: why will the command send an under strength team to crack down on a criminal gang in a volatile Niger Delta region? Why would the force shield other officers that went for the same operation from the family? He said what the family demands is a full investigation “to unravel what happened and arrest whosoever had kept our son all this while and bring him back to the family.”
 Efforts to reach the Akwa Ibom Police Public Relation Officer were not successful.