Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pregnant Woman Shocks Many As She Gives Birth While Standing In The Middle Of The Street (Photos/Video)

A woman left many people totally shocked after she suddenly went into labour while buying groceries in Yunfu, China's Guangdong province on September 2. Shockingly, the woman could be seen carrying the newborn home with her along with a bag of shopping shortly after giving birth. 
Acording to Dailymail, video footage shows the moment the woman goes into labour while out shopping.  She can be seen hunched in the middle of the street as onlookers watch on, according to  The baby can then be seen on the floor moving.  
Footage then cuts to a woman helping the expectant mother with her baby.  An ambulance and medical staff can be seen looking after the woman with the baby wrapped up and placed on a chair.   
After some time, the woman was then seen by onlookers walking away, her dress covered in blood, with her newborn and a bag of shopping.    
Watch video below: